Picture of Easton Moore, 3rd grade student, pictured with Blue Power Ranger.

Guardian Anti-Bullying Campaign visit at Walker Elementary

On Friday, March 31, 2017, Walker Elementary students in third, fourth, and fifth grade were surprised with an afternoon assembly.    The Guardian Anti-Bullying Campaign Inc. CEO, MarkAnthony Baca, and special guest star Blake Foster, the original Blue Turbo Power Ranger, visited the school. 

Baca spoke to the students about the importance of integrity, respect, responsibility, perseverance, and encouraging students to say No to bullying.  He shared his childhood as an ESE student and painful memories of losing his front teeth to an older and larger bully.  Instead of giving up, he overcame challenges and persevered to begin his anti-bullying program which encourages students to persevere through what life hands out.   

Fifth grade student Braedyn Adams said, “I felt the assembly was very inspirational and hopefully will get bullies to stop bullying other students.”

Derek Varney said, “It was exciting because he broke things and it was cool. The message was inspirational. ”

Walker students were wowed with the spectacular martial arts performance along with a great message about leadership and Bullying.  The program travels across the country motivating children through all grade levels K-12 with a positive message and unique way of grasping their attention.  

The celebrity status of the two men amazed the students.   One young man asked Foster, “Were you the kid in the power ranger series?”  When Foster replied, “Yes”, with a gaping mouth, a big smile, and awe in his eyes, his response was “Oh my….!” 

Baca is a 6th degree Black Belt that has appeared on many TV shows and in movies as a stuntman and actor.  Movies include Kickboxer 4, Allegiant, and Divergent.  He currently resides in Crestview, Florida and is dedicated to helping the children in his new home town.

“The staff and principal, Lorna Carnley, welcomed me with open arms.  I look forward to coming back whenever the school is in need of a positive boost in their kid’s hearts and minds,” aid Baca. 

MarkAnthony has been to hundreds of schools across the country and has excellent references for his program.   Having connections in Hollywood, he has access to many stars that travel with him from time to time.  When possible, he brings them along to help inspire kids to make better choices and be better citizens. 

Ethan Ibi’s mother Brooke shared that “Ethan came home said it was a cool program, but was very excited when he said, “I saw a real Power Ranger!” 

“Seeing the student’s reaction to the program had teachers and administration excited to hopefully see more integrity and responsibility shown in the remaining nine weeks of the school year,” said Jacque Whittle, a fifth grade teacher at Walker Elementary School.