The Grinch Visits Destin Elementary School

Destin Elementary School recently held a contest to see who was a “Grinch.”  The students could vote for either Principal Janet Stein or Assistant Principal Dawn Massey.  Votes were one dollar and all proceeds went to the purchase of the school’s iPads.

“I was voted in as the Grinch and Dawn as the elf,” said Stein.  However, the results were kept from the students until this week.

As the suspense mounted, students would occasionally see the Grinch around campus but he would quickly disappear out of sight.  Then, to music, the Grinch appeared this week during the students’ lunch time.

“At lunch I danced around to the Grinch music, putting candy canes in pudding and milks, throwing the candy for students to catch,” said Stein.  “Fun was had by all as the Grinch wreaked havoc in the lunch room.”