Five Northwood ES Teams Compete in Odyssey of the Mind Competition

Northwood Elementary School was represented at the Odyssey of the Mind competition this year with five Odyssey of the Mind teams.  The team coaches were Paige Parker, Ashley Hewett, Christi Leadmon, Janette Dunn, and Jessica Salazar.

Ashley Hewett’s primary team was chosen to go to state, Parker’s team received medals for placing 3rd in their division, and Leadmon's team placed 5th in their division. 

The second grade team coached by Hewett competed in the Wacky Weather long-term problem, where they had to write a script to perform in front of the judges.  The performance included a meteorologist that told the weather forecast in rhyme, a weather map, a weather forecasting device, and a display of the wacky weather.

“The students also had to perform as a team in the spontaneous problem event, where they had to show team work and think outside of the box as they raced against the clock to give creative responses for their tasks,” said Hewett.

Christi Leadmon’s team was composed of 2nd, 3rd and 5th grade students and participated in "Lose Your marbles" for their long term project.

The challenge was to create a structure that met the following criteria:

  • · Made completely of balsa wood 1/8" wide and glue -hold 5 marbles
  • · At least 8" tall with an open area in the center to accept a 2" support column -no wider than 10"
  • · Weighed less than 18 grams
  • · Used a team created device to release each marble -support as much weight as possible

"During the competition, students were to remove a piece of the structure and release one marble at a time while having weights placed on top of a crusher board which was on top of the structure,” said Leadmon.  “As each weight was placed, one marble was released.  The structure held 15 pounds of weight before it was crushed.  This team worked hard on the project.  I believe they did very well as it was their first year on a team and my first year coaching.”

Congratulations to all of Northwood’s Odyssey of the Mind teams!

(Pictured above are Northwood's Second Grade Team.)