Picture of Eglin ES Fit Feet Winners

Fit Feet Winners Announced

Eglin Elementary School was recognized on August 7th for winning first place in the Fit Feet school division and second place in the individual division. Eglin had 7662 points and 26 participants and June Robbins had 710 points with 3,447,044 steps.

Plew Elementary School came in second place with 4,849 points and 19 participants.

Picture of Plew ES Fit Feet WinnersCrestview High School placed third with 3,026 points and 12 participants. 

Picture of Crestview HS Fit Feet WinnerIn the individual competition, Cindy Janazzo, Lewis Elementary School, won first place with 710 points and 4,647,224 steps.

Picture of Cindy Janazzo, Lewis ESJune Robbins placed second, and Lisa Richardson, Bay Area Office, placed third.

Picture of Lisa Richardson, BAO OfficeThe annual Fit Feet competition starts again on September 1, 2017.  This year, employees will not be limited to Trio Trackers; any tracking device may be used and the steps reported to your school/office wellness contact to be sent in to the district.  Good luck! 

To get a walking log and more information on Fit Feet, go to the Fit Feet on the Wellness website.