Ethan Clark Wins Florosa ES Annual Science Fair

Ethan Clark, a second grader at Florosa Elementary School, was the overall winner of the school’s annual Science Fair held late last fall.  His experiment, “Dirty Money,” involved swabbing money and growing bacteria from them in petri dishes.

Ethan’s hypothesis was “Which money will be the dirtiest?”  He tested the money from a fast food restaurant, a bank, and the grocery store.  He believed that the money from the fast food restaurant and the bank would be the dirtiest. The results showed that all of the money samples grew bacteria and that the bank had the most amounts of bacteria.

According to Science Fair organizer, Linda Joseph, “The Science Fair was a huge success with over 250 projects entered into this year’s event.  We had competitors from kindergarten through fifth grade.  Even though it was only mandatory for the intermediate grades, we had quite a few experiments from our young scientists as well.”

Florosa Elementary School encouraged students to participate in science activities and hands-on experiments, trying to encourage interest in the science field, and to better prepare their students for the middle school and high school science fairs. 

“Fourth and fifth grade were required to do a report along with their experiments,” said Joseph.  “We are proud of everyone that took the time to do a project and we hope they had a great time with this learning experience!”

Congratulations to all of the annual Science Fair Winners by grade level!

1st Alana Toney (Ms. Pacheco)
2nd Gerard Lincoln (Ms. Walker)
3rd Kaiya Flores (Ms. Mejia)
HM Jose Diaz (Ms. Pacheco)

First Grade:
1st Daniel Neely (Ms. Lam)
2nd Calian Stubbs (Ms. Appleton)
3rd Hailey Calvert (Ms. Walley)
HM Dacey Hunt (Ms. Blanchard)
HM Xavier Battle (Ms. Walley)
HM Kyliegh Cooley ( Ms. Newsome)
HM Nicholas Erickson (Ms. Leach)

Second Grade:
1st Ava Nguyen (Ms. Huggins)
2nd Gabe Brown (Ms. Flores)
3rd Rebecca Czap (Ms.Bentley)
HM Carissa Lincoln (Ms.Flores)
HM Kiera Bartlett (Ms. Conant)
HM Kyla Brister (Ms. Harr)
HM Azaria Toney (Ms. Huggins)
HM Kili Gaspard (Ms. Harr)

Third Grade:
1st KayLei Svendsen (Ms. Rich)
2nd Maja Maule (Ms. Howell)
3rd Jazelle Kennemur (Ms. Joseph)
HM Jesse Watkins (Ms. Howell)
HM Zamarion Bonds (Ms. Boyd)
HM Scotty Meza (Ms. Joseph)
HM Jaliah Shaw (Ms. Howell)
HM Laila Phillips (Ms. Joseph)

Fourth Grade:
1st  Sam Dixon (Ms. King)
2nd  Jonathan Mick (Ms. King)
3rd  Charley Peebles (Ms. Scaife)
HM Bradley McDonald (Ms. Elton)
HM Santiago Stairs Kuhl (Ms. Dubreuil)
HM Landon Fields (Ms. Elton)
HM Brooklyn Kennedy (Ms. Elton)
HM Benjamin Diaz (Ms. King)

Fifth Grade:
1st  Cole Bassett ( Ms. Hollan)
2nd  Tyler Gamble ( Ms. Salsbury)
3rd  Eldian Burzic ( Ms. Salsbury)
HM Dante Fegan (Ms. Cahn)
HM Piper Snowden (Ms. Perkins)
HM Katie Smith (Ms. Salsbury)
HM Michaela Stairs (Ms. Cahn)
HM Calvin Stubbs (Ms. Stubbs)

Overall Winner:
Ethan Clark (Ms. Bentley)

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