Elliott Point ES Students Bike To School

Elliott Point Elementary School students participated in National Bike to School Day on Wednesday, May 7th, with teachers and School Resource Officer (SRO) Jason Folley leading the way.

The event was organized by Elliott Point Elementary School’s SRO Jason Folley and Principal Janet Norris.  Students registered to attend the bike event and gathered at one of three designated sites: Uptown Station, Fort Walton Beach Yacht Club, and the Christ Church of Fort Walton Beach.

When students arrived, their helmets were checked for safety and a proper fit.  Students in need of a helmet were provided one free of charge. 

“Our goal was to encourage students to explore other ways to get around and learn the benefits of biking,” said Norris.  “We wanted to promote safety, explore the health benefits, learn the effects on the environment, boost a sense of community, and just simply have fun!”

The event was a Bike Line where students in grades 1 - 5 departed for school at 7:15 am accompanied by school employees, law enforcement, and volunteers. 

“It was a great event with over 100 children participating!” stated Norris.  “We would like to thank Sgt. Gary Venuti for assisting our group at Uptown Station adjust helmets and coordinate the start of the ride!”