Eglin ES Students Celebrate Talk Like A Pirate Day

Laurren  Seegars first grade students at Eglin Elementary School recently celebrated Talk Like A Pirate Day.  Students came to school dressed as pirates and spoke like pirates all day.

Their pirate lessons spread across the curriculum as you can see from the activities below:

  • Writer’s Workshop: Students wrote about what kind of treasure they would like to find.
  • Reading: They read the stories How I Became a Pirate and Pirates Don’t Change Diapers. The students completed graphic organizers (beginning, middle, end, setting, plot, and characters.)
  • Math: The students completed pirate addition and subtraction problems.
  • Science/Social Studies: The class researched why pirates actually wore eye patches (to be able to help their eyes adjust quickly above and below deck) and famous pirates. They ate pirate snacks-Cannon Balls (meatballs), Fresh Catch of the Day(pirate themed gold fish), Pirates Sailing the Seven Seas Cupcakes, and Pirate Peg Legs (corn dogs.)

“Most importantly, the students had fun as they learned pirate vocabulary and talked and dressed like pirates all day!” said Seegars.