Photo of two Eglin ES students during Veterans Day Celebration

Eglin Elementary School Honors Those Who Have Served

On November 4th, Eglin Elementary School fourth graders presented a Veterans Day program directed by Sandy Day entitled You Are Our Heroes.  Students sang songs, talked about the history of Veterans Day and even read the President’s Proclamation.  America’s White Table was presented to honor those who have served in the military and especially those who were declared Missing in Action or Prisoners of War.  (Ret.) CMSgt, June Robbins (Coach) modeled the different elements of America’s White Table.

Picture of (Ret.) Lt Colonel Carolyn Green(Ret.) Lt Colonel Carolyn Green gave the address.  She told students that veterans were dedicated to keeping them safe whether they are at school, at play, or even asleep. Lt Col Green said that veterans come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, and they promise to give their life to keep them safe.  She also told students that there are veterans all around them.  There are teachers, nurses, doctors, mechanics, etc. who have served in the military. 

Mary Beth Jackson, Superintendent of Okaloosa Schools, also spoke briefly.  She reminded students to honor those who serve and that they can serve too by helping their classmates, teachers, and parents.



Character Parade

Also, on October 28th Eglin Elementary School students and staff participated in a storybook character parade.  There were some great costumes, and judging by the happy faces, everyone had a great time!!

Picture of teacher and student dressed as WaldoPicture of student dressed as Pete the CatPicture of student with Happy Hair bookPicture of Student dressed as Lola the Lollipop Fairy