Edwins ES Holds Pep Rally to Pump Up Students for FCAT

Edwins Elementary School held a pep rally on Friday, April 8th, to get their 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students pumped up for the FCAT.

According to Principal Marline Van Dyke, “Edwins’ teams of teachers, staff, and students have worked extremely hard this year and have shown tremendous growth.  This pep rally celebrates their accomplishments and will encourage our Junior Vikings to do their best as they show what know on the FCAT.”

The pep rally featured Kevin Greene, an Auburn University graduate and former NFL football player.

“It all starts with having a dream,” said Greene.  “Get your dream, hold on to your dream as you start to get older, and invest all your effort, your work ethic, your time and energy, and your thought process into achieving that dream that you set for yourself.”

Greene shared with the students the three things that he feels are necessary to achieve your dreams: (1) growing your brain (doing good in school); (2) understanding the law of compensation (the more you put in the more you get back); and (3) being prepared for and overcoming adversity (anything in your way that will keep you from achieving your goal).

During the question/answer session, someone asked Greene what adversity he had to overcome during his football career.  He shared his personal story of being a “walk on” in football at Auburn University and how he woke up early each day to work out and he practiced when others did not.  He did not give up on his dream of playing football at Auburn, he kept looking for opportunities to play and prove himself. 

Keeping his eye on and attention focused on his dream paid off for Greene during his long football career.  Not only did he play at Auburn University, he played for the Los Angeles Rams, Pittsburgh Steelers, San Francisco 49ers, and Carolina Panthers, and was most recently the Outside Linebackers Coach for Superbowl Champions Green Bay Packers.

No pep rally would be complete without cheerleaders and the Fort Walton Beach High School cheerleaders were on hand to lead the students in various chants and cheers to close out the pep rally.

One of the cheerleaders, LaDarius Marshall, shared the story of his dream as an Edwins Elementary School student to become a Fort Walton Beach High School Cheerleader and how his hard work and determination helped him achieve his dream.

A second pep rally will be held on Friday, April 15th and will be as exciting as the first one.  The Leadership Team from Fort Walton Beach, under the direction of Kevin Schmidt, will encourage students to continue doing their best for the remaining days of testing.  Edwins’ own Jr. Vikings Band, comprised of 5th graders, will perform songs they have learned for the crowd.