Picture of Edge students doing a science experiment.

I LOVE Science Program at Edge ES Featured in July Edition of Aerospace America

The I LOVE Science program at Edge Elementary in Niceville, FL, reaches about 100 students in five 4th grade classrooms and about 85 students in four 5th grade classrooms.  The lessons are designed so that students will not repeat the STEM experiences over the two years.

At Edge Elementary, the program is coordinated by American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) Senior Member Angela Diggs and Karen Sledge, with other local AIAA members and nonmembers volunteering in the classroom.  The lessons tie directly into Florida state standards for math­ematics and science and were developed in close coordination with local educators.  All lessons feature the scientific method (ask a question, discuss background information, form a hypoth­esis, test hypothesis, collect and analyze data, and report con­clusions), with emphasis on forming the hypothesis and collect­ing/analyzing that data.  The lessons topics range from engineer­ing design challenges to basic biology, chemistry, and physics, to understanding measurement systems, estimation, and forces.  All lessons also include graphing and mathematics exercises.

Teachers, if you are not AIAA Educator Associate members, you can sign up for free here.  A membership gives you access to STEM lesson materials and the ability to apply for classroom grants for STEM projects.  

To see a photo gallery of this program, visit the OCSD Facebook page.

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