East Panhandle Regional Science and Engineering Fair Winners Announced

The winners of the Robert Sheffield East Panhandle Regional Science and Engineering Fair were announced on February 17, 2015 at the Annual Awards Banquet held at the Emerald Coast Convention Center.

At the beginning of the ceremony, a heart-felt note of appreciation was expressed to all the unnamed volunteers, mentors, teachers, contributors, sponsors, and especially the parents/families of the participants of this year’s fair.  And a very special thank you was said to all the category judges and special awards judges who gave of their own time to assist with the difficult process of selecting and recognizing projects of distinction from this year’s Science Fair finalists.

Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (Intel ISEF)

The Intel ISEF, a program of Society for Science & the Public (SSP), is the world’s largest international pre-college science competition.   More than 1,700 high school students from over 70 countries, regions, and territories are awarded the opportunity to showcase their independent research and compete for more than $5 million in prizes.  ISEF will be held in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania May 10 – 15, 2015.  For more information on ISEF, visit their website: https://student.societyforscience.org/intel-isef.

Selected to represent the Panhandle in the Intel ISEF were: Alexis Hopkins (FWBHS), Chase Cleveland (FWBHS), and Jasmine Sumpter (Seacoast Collegiate – Walton County).

I-SWEEEP, The International Sustainable World (Energy, Engineering, and Environment) Project

I-SWEEEP is a groundbreaking science fair competition open to high school students.  It is the largest science fair event of its kind world-wide.  I-SWEEEP is organized by Harmony Public Schools, a K-12 Public Charter School System.  With the support of leaders in industry and higher education institutions, I-SWEEEP works with local, national, and international science fair organizations to bring top-ranking participants and qualifying projects to Houston each year. ISWEEP is being held in Houston, Texas May 7 – 10, 2015. For more information on ISWEEP, please visit their website: http://isweeep.org/.

Selected to represent the Panhandle in the ISWEEP were: Chase Cleveland (FWBHS) and Connor Cleveland (FWBHS).

60th Annual State Science and Engineering Fair of Florida

The Florida Foundation for Future Scientists (FFFS) is a statewide, non-profit organization authorized by the 1957 Legislature of the State of Florida to discover scientific and technical talent in the schools of Florida and to encourage the pursuit of careers in science and engineering.  In meeting its obligations, the FFFS promotes and administers the State Science and Engineering Fair (SSEF) of Florida.

The SSEF is a three-day display of science project exhibits prepared by aspiring scientists and engineering in sixth through twelfth grade.  Nearly 950 Finalists display their projects and illustrate their research in competition for awards.  During the three-day event, students have the opportunity to share their ideas with one another, increase personal development in scientific and technological areas, gain self-confidence in problem solving skills, and participate in educational field trips and areas of interest tours.

The SSEF is being held in Lakeland, Florida, March 31st, April 1st & 2nd, 2015.  For more information about the SSEF, visit their website: http://www.floridassef.net/.

Selected to represent the Panhandle in the SSEF Junior Division were:



 Saint Mary









Ruckel MS



Saint Mary



Saint Mary



Saint Mary



Davidson MS






Davidson MS






Ruckel MS



Saint Mary



Bruner MS



Shoal River MS



Saint Mary

Selected to represent the Panhandle in the SSEF Senior Division were:















Choctaw HS



Crestview HS









Choctaw HS













All of the East Panhandle Regional Science and Engineering Fair participants are listed below.  The category winners are in italics and any special awards they may have won are noted. To view a photo gallery of the Awards Ceremony, please visit the OCSD Facebook page.

Junior Division

Animal Sciences

Hall, Grace Ruckel

Bethea, Bryce Meigs

Ellis, Peyton Pryor

Everett, Elizabeth Davidson

Grabenger, Aaron RBCS

Grodoski, Caelyn SRMS

Wentz, Daniel Pryor

Behavioral & Social Sciences

Englehardt, Miriam SMS

Farley, Erin SRMS

McKasson, Maddie Pryor

Newstead, Allegra SMS

Patterson, Elena Pryor

Richardson, Ariana Ruckel

Roberts, Julianna SRMS


Boan, Brody Davidson

Brandt, Mary SMS

Erickson, Amy Ruckel

Kostur, Veronika OSA

Spolski, Alayna Bruner - State

Tommasone, Antonio SMS

Cellular and Molecular Biology

Berte, Frank Ruckel

Carollo, Lexie SMS

Zeh, Nick SMS


Allen, Garrett Bruner

Corbin, Jack SRMS

DuLac, Delaney Meigs

Edelen, Aaron Pryor

Freeman, Tate Meigs - Drs. Alice and Louis Fay Award for Chemistry

Grodoski, John SRMS

Hayden, Bryce Baker

Hoppe, Julian Pryor

Hughes, Olivia SRMS

Lynch, Hannah RBCS

Ordner, Liam OSA - Drs. Alice and Louis Fay Award for Chemistry, Aubrey Craig, Naval Science Awards, State

Parker, Jillian Davidson

Pratt, Taylor Meigs

Pratt, Jessica SMS

Schar, Larissa Meigs

Sherwin, Travis Ruckel

Simmet, Joey SRMS

Strickler, Taylor Ruckel

Taylor, Campbell Ruckel

Computer Science

Baker, James (Matthew) OSA - InDyne

Breboneria, Yzabel, SMS

Cook, Jackson Ruckel - Air Force Association, Playground Amateur Radio Club (PARC), Emerald Coast AFCEA, State

Melton, Grace Davidson - State

Tuckey, Olivia Ruckel

Earth & Planetary Science

Bown, Fiona OSA - Association for Women Geoscientists, State

Brock, Pattylynn SRMS

Hale, Eve Pryor

Luckett, Kailey SRMS

Parker, Madison Davidson

Raethka, Courtney Ruckel

Sherwin, Victoria OSA

Engineering:  Electrical & Mechanical

Daldine, Emma SMS - State

Kronmiller, Hunter Davidson

Manion, Alexandra SMS

Sanders, Brooke Bruner

Environmental Management

Galvan, Nestor SMS

Magness, Mariah SMS

Orcutt, Victoria LJPS

Engineering:  Materials & Bioengineering

Alaniz, Caroline LJPS

Baradon, Stephen SMS

Bates, Bradlee Pryor - Emerald Coast AUVSI

Bell, Ian Destin

Boole, Calvin SMS - State

Cook, Kenzi Ruckel

Davis, Daija SRMS

DeCocker, Erin LJPS

Denton, Bryan Pryor

Freeman, Jackson OSA

Farrah, Harrison Cole Destin

Kiehn, Tom OSA

Knuth, Kyle LJPS

Moore, Shelbi Pryor

Morrison, Avery OSA - Optical Sensing Consultants

Murray, Aubrey LJPS

Orcutt, Colby LJPS

Sharma Eshaan Ruckel

Thursby, Logan SRMS - Emerald Coast AUVSI, NWF ASME, AIAA, State

Torres, Belanna LJPS

Wayer, Emily Davidson

Energy & Transportation

Byrd, Sophi SRMS

Castleberry, Kelly Davidson

Clark, Lauren Davidson - Gulf Power Engineering

Daldine, Frankie SMS - State

   Ferrell, Nathaniel Davidson

Kolmetz III, Douglas Baker

Marier, Madison SRMS

Rivard, Adison Grant OSA - Embry Riddle Aeronautical

Shiratori, Takeshi OSA

VandenBoom, Matthew OSA – AIAA, Embry Riddle Aeronautical

Environmental Sciences

Ammons, Emily SRMS

Bialorucki, Katelyn Davidson - InDyne

Brooks, Taylor Pryor

Butler, Janisia Pryor

Caufield, George LJPS - State

Henderson, Wesley SRMS

Mattern, Gavin Ruckel

Newbold, Joanna Meigs

Petty, Logan ECMS

Reid, Emily Ruckel - InDyne

St. Aubin, Chloe ECMS

Stukbauer, Jason Ruckel

Mathematical Sciences

Gatlin, Parker SMS - State

Mangold, Grace SMS

Morales, Anthony SRMS

Medicine & Health Sciences

Kedroski, Kaylee Ruckel

Kerrell, Trace Baker

Larue, Rami SRMS

Marez, Makenzie LJPS

Ott, Jonathan Ruckel

Roberts, Ashley SRMS

Williams, Arthur LJPS

Wolfgram, Ora LJPS

Zeh, Cole SMS - State


Baradon, Hannah SMS

Kelsey Rachel Davidson - State

Kuennen, Delaney SMS

Lightfoot, Katie Ruckel

Physics & Astronomy

Adams, Jackson Baker

Bennett, Kaden Ruckel

Brobeck, Grayson OSA

Calderone, Kenzey Pryor

Crowson, Samuel Baker

Cunningham, Aaron Davidson

Dauphin, Avery SRMS

Elmer, Jenna Davidson

Farrah, Cameron Destin

Hall, Darrell Pryor

   Lindner, Jaden Meigs

Lindsay, Mikayla OSA - Naval Science Awards, STEM – AFRL, FAST, State

Lucas, Jackson Meigs

Siren, Julia SMS - State

Smith, Rinoa SRMS

Stone, Logan Meigs

Woods, Daniel OSA

Plant Sciences

Beyer, Jeremiah Bruner

Dierig, Heidi SMS

Fleming, Gryphon SRMS

Hightower, Mikayla SRMS

Lutrell, Steven Meigs

Ott, David Ruckel – OCMA, State

Paradise, Marley SRMS

Pepe,Ashlyn Destin - Emerald Coast Science Center, Garnier Beach Garden Club

Rowell Brett Meigs

Wise, Austin SMS

Junior Teams

Medlock, Elise SRMS

Medlock, Emma SRMS

North, Madison SRMS

Stokes, Melea SRMS

Wasson, Lizzy Destin

Tobik, Marlee Destin

White, Jacob SRMS

Tew, Weston SRMS

Senior Division


Animal Sciences

Cleveland, Connor Fort Walton Beach - Miracle Strip Veterinary Medical Society, ISWEEP, State

Murphey, Ryan Niceville - SI Metric Award, State

Behavioral & Social Sciences

Drake, Victoria Crestview – FAST, State

Glenn, Eve Niceville - Air Force Association, Naval Science Awards, State

Hass, George Choctaw

Johnson, Aleja Crestview

Morgan, Abigail FWBHS


Cramer, Ethan Choctaw

Kaufman, Colin Niceville

Pettit, Allison Fort Walton Beach - Drs. Alice and Louis Fay Award for Chemistry


Dubose, Mikala Crestview

Russo, Juliette Fort Walton Beach - Drs. Alice and Louis Fay Award for Chemistry

Smith, Daniel Fort Walton Beach

Young, Christian Crestview

Computer Science

Womack, Patrick Niceville - Northwest Florida Linux Users' Group (NWFLUG), InDyne

Earth & Planetary Science

Daniel, Roxanne Fort Walton Beach

Smith, Gregory Crestview - Keller Williams

Engineering:  Electrical & Mechanical

Bobbitt, Daniel Niceville - NWF ASME, Gulf Power Engineering, AIAA, Emerald Coast Chapter of the Florida Engineering Society, Air Force Association, State

Powell, Cody Niceville

Seabrook, Gabe Rocky Bayou CS

Thomas, Charis Fort Walton Beach

Environmental Management

Helton, Trinity Fort Walton Beach

Huffman, Andrew Choctaw – InDyne, State

Engineering:  Materials & Bioengineering

Clark, Bailey Fort Walton Beach

DeRamus, Chelsea Fort Walton Beach - Emerald Coast Science Center

Espinoza, Orlando Fort Walton Beach

Hopkins, Alexis Fort Walton Beach - Emerald Coast Chapter of the Florida Engineering Society, Naval Science Awards, Mu Alpha Theta, ISEF, State

Imm, Madison Fort Walton Beach

McIver, Travis Crestview

McMenimen, Bayley Niceville - State

Moore, Connor Fort Walton Beach

Sewell, Julia-Love Niceville

Energy & Transportation

Miles, Camille Niceville - State

Environmental Sciences

Alldredge, Abigail Rocky Bayou CS

Bell, Ryan Fort Walton Beach - State

Cleveland, Chase Fort Walton Beach - Arizona State University, US Department of Health and Human Services, ISEF, ISWEEP, State

Dedman, Tracy Fort Walton Beach

Duke, Savannah Fort Walton Beach

Hook, Claire Fort Walton Beach

McLain, Molly Choctaw


Sheffield, Jack Fort Walton Beach

Medicine & Health Sciences

Browning, Cole Choctaw

Burdge, Brynn Niceville

Decocker, Emily Choctaw - Emerald Coast AUVSI, State

Junker, Georgia Niceville

Lindner, Melia Choctaw

Niemi, Lauren Niceville

Reho, Lauren Niceville

Vasiloff, Erin Choctaw


Bobnock, Allison Crestview - Miracle Strip Veterinary Medical Society

Verzwyvelt, Zachary Niceville

Physics & Astronomy

Angrisani, Thomas Choctaw

Brown, Nina Choctaw - William and Caroline Herschel Award in Astronomy

Cortez, Gian Marco Crestview

Kitchen, Jacob Crestview

Knie, Trever Rocky Bayou CS

Larmore, Hanna Choctaw

Turner, Allison Rocky Bayou CS

Plant Sciences

Carlo-Rivera, Chelsea Crestview

Haynes, Katie Fort Walton Beach

Matthews, Lauren Niceville – OCMA, State

Miller, Madison Choctaw

Royal, Emily Fort Walton Beach – OCMA, Garnier Beach Garden Club

Senior Teams

Beckvermit, Valerie Choctaw

Wiegand, Aria Choctaw

Bouchard, Roderick Crestview

Young, Coleman Crestview


Special words of thanks were given to the Science Fair Committee Chairs and Committee Members for the extra time and effort donated in support of the Fair and of our student finalists.  Members include: SRC/IRB Chairs, Sharon Richardson, Lee Arsenault, and Shannon Schulte; Special Awards Chair, Neely Calhoun; Display and Safety Chair, Scarlet Brock and Sage Mallory; Judges Dinner Chairs, Tim Mills and Susan Mikel; Judges Chair, Becky Hope; Awards Chair, Beth Russell; and Media Chair, Laura McNeil.

The Scientific Review Committee Members for Okaloosa County this year were: Neely Calhoun, Okaloosa Schools; Becky Hope, Baker School; Angelica Jackson, Bruner MS; Joyce Gruber, Choctawhatchee HS; Shannon Schulte, Crestview HS; Sharon Richardson, Davidson MS; Sage Mallory, Destin MS; Beth Russell, Ft Walton Beach HS; Tangela Frazier, Liza Jackson PS; Sally King, Meigs MS; Lee Arsenault, Okaloosa STEMM  Academy; Dr. Venita Morell, SRC Scientist;   Gina Emery, Niceville HS; Chelsea Farland, Pryor MS; Brian C. Alldredge, Rocky Bayou CS; Scarlet Brock, Ruckel MS; Carlos Bolanos, Shoal River MS; and Laura McNeil, St. Mary’s School.

To view a photo gallery of the Awards Ceremony, please visit the OCSD Facebook page.