District Honors Retirees For Their Years of Service

The Okaloosa County School District honored 114 employees that retired this year with a luncheon on June 6, 2014 in Niceville, Florida.

School Board member Cindy Frakes opened the luncheon with some interesting data about the retirees, “the longest years of service is 38.07 years, the fewest years of service is 9 years, the average years of service is 22.8 years, the oldest retiree is 78, the youngest retiree is 52.  There are 52 teachers, 5 principals, 12 custodians, 6 secretaries, 1 interpreter, 7 bus drivers, 3 transportation assistants, 1 peer evaluator, 1 chief officer, 1 ed support, 7 classroom assistants, 1 route coordinator, 2 media assistants, 1 guidance counselor, 1 literacy coach, 7 maintenance workers, 3 food service workers, 2 lunchroom workers, and 1 staffing specialist.”  The total number of years of service by all retirees is 2,633 years.

Congratulations and Best Wishes to this year’s retirees:

Nancy Allen, Bruner MS, Reading Teacher, 14.9 years
John Baker, Food Services, Lunchroom Worker, 12.11 years
Norman Barksdale, Custodial Services, Custodian II, 8.13 years
Deborah Barrow, Shoal River MS, Teacher, 22 years
Deborah Behr, Ruckel MS, CRA, ESE, 18.11 years
Peter Belser, Custodial Services, Custodian II/Day, 36.55 years
Sherry Bishop, Transportation North, Bus Driver, 21 years
Eileen Blair, Gulf Coast Youth Academy, Ed Support, 7.42 years
Priscilla Boan, Walker Elementary, Teacher, 34 years
Alvin Bowles, Maintenance, Plumber I, 14.16 years
Virginia Bowles, Human Resources, Retirement Analyst, 29 years
Dennis Bowling, Maintenance, Site Based Tech, 37 years
Joyce Brand, Niceville HS, Teacher, 15 years
Teresa Brenci, Wright ES, Interpreter, 7.6 years
James Brown, Okaloosa Youth Academy, Teacher, 14.6 years
Suzanne Cadenhead, Northwood ES, Guidance Counselor, 30.1 years
Clifford Cady, Custodial Services, Lead Custodian, 18.92 years
Stanley Celebrado, Custodial Services, Zone Manager, 15 years
Patricia Chasman, Transportation Central, Bus Driver, 10 years
Jeffery Christian, Transportation North, Bus Driver, 29 years
Kathryn Clark, Destin ES, Media Specialist, 20 years
William Cook, Choctaw HS, Teacher, 7 years
Beryl Corbitt, Food Services, Lunchroom Worker, 14.11 years
Betty Jo Courtney, Transportation Central, Bus Driver, 29 years
Barbara Cummings, Shalimar ES, Teacher, 27 years
Daniel Davis, Custodial Services, Custodian II, 22.3 years
Pamela Dean, Transportation South, Bus Driver, 19.33 years
Michael Dixon, Davidson MS, Teacher, 35 years
Cynthia Dooley, Edge ES, Teacher, 30.2 years
Karen Dunn, Shoal River MS, Teacher, 14 years
Donna Earle, Lewis School, Teacher, 23 years
Donna Ellis, Niceville HS, Teacher, 21 years
Arden Farley, Human Resources, Equity Officer, 19.92 years
Jerelene Fleming, Lewis School, Teacher, 21 years
Michael Foxworthy, Human Resources, Chief Officer, 12.33 years
Anita Fuller, Wright ES, Teacher, 38 years
Penelope Gardner, Mary Esther ES, Teacher, 35.8 years
Jerome Goodman, Custodial Services, Custodian, 16.2 years
Joan Graddy, Wright ES, CRA, Title I, 29.5 years
Patti Greggo, Kenwood ES, Teacher, 23 years
Joyce Hayes, Ruckel MS, School Secretary, 30 years
Tonsiaweda Hayes, ESE, Staffing Specialist, 35.8 years
Sally Henderson, Teacher Evaluation, Peer Evaluator, 20.84 years
Dorothy Herring, Kenwood ES, Teacher, 31.63 years
John Hillyer III, Maintenance, Electrician, 19.92 years
Maurice Hodgdon, Custodial Services, Lead Custodian,19.98 years
Hazel Holmes, Crestview HS, Teacher, 21 years
Marlise Holston, Custodial Services, Custodian II, 17.91 years
Teresa Horton, Baker School, CRA, 19.44 years
Cathy Hubeli, Wright ES, Principal,39 years
Soncy Hunter, Elliott Point ES, CRA, ESE, 24 years
Cody James, Okaloosa Youth Development Center, Teacher, 15 years
Joyce Jernigan, Bob Sikes ES, Teacher, 20.7 years
Annie Johnson, Niceville HS, CRA, ESE, 17 years
David Livingston, Maintenance Mechanic, 30.38 years
Emory Locke, Transportation North, Bus Driver, 6.11 years
Carol Lord, Transportation Central, Transportation Assistant, 10 years
Michael Mangan, ESE, Teacher, Adapt PE, 14 years
Linda Marshall, Okaloosa Youth Academy, Teacher, 37.3 years
Frank Martin, Transportation South, Bus Driver, 6 years
Virginia Mayfield, Choctawhatchee HS, Teacher, 26.7 years
Stephanie McCoy, Bruner MS, Teacher, 35 years
Marianne McMichael, Destin MS, Teacher, 12 years
Billy Mikel, CHOICE, Principal, 33.24 years
Susan Mikel, Pryor MS, Teacher, 35 years
Patricia Mitchell, Antioch ES, Teacher, 35.5 years
Susan Moore, Walker ES, Teacher, 34 years
Teri Morgan, Florosa ES, Teacher, 30.23 years
Patsy Moulton, Shalimar ES, Literacy Coach, 35.42 years
Wanda Neal, Food Services, Manager, 25.56 years
Jill Newell, Choctawhatchee HS, Teacher, 35.85 years
Cindy Nickless, Eglin ES, Teacher, 37 years
Rodney Nobles, Niceville HS, Principal, 35.3 years
Carla Owens, Walker ES, CRA, ESE, 18.11 years
Sandra Palmer, Mary Esther ES, Science Coach, 31 years
Sharlot Parker, Niceville HS, Media Assistant, 14.11 years
Joan Peavy, Niceville HS, Teacher, 27.5 years
Dale Peterson, Bruner MS, Teacher, 15 years
Cynthia Presson, Mary Esther ES, Teacher, 20 years
Phillip Price, Maintenance, Leaderman, 35.09 years
William Ragle, FWBHS, Teacher, 22.4 years
Marian Rainer, Southside Center, Teacher, 14.62 years
Brenda Raybon, Gulf Coast Youth Academy, Secretary, 27.17 years
Vicki Ridgway, Shalimar ES, Secretary, 25.74 years
James Riley, Okaloosa Youth Development Center, Teacher, 22.7 years
Julius Robbins, Custodial Services, Custodian II/Day, 20 years
Ollie Russell, Transportation North, Transportation Assistant, 9 years
Robert Scott, Bruner MS, Teacher, 36 years
Deborah Shipp, Riverside ES, Teacher, 41 years
Thomas Shipp, Baker School, Principal, 36.8 years
Gloria Simmons, Custodial Services, Lead Custodian, 35 years
Joseph Slusser, Shoal River MS, Teacher, 12.4 years
Shirley Snyder, Edge ES, Food Services Manager, 25.08 years
Keith Stafford, Niceville HS, Teacher, 15.86 years
Gerald Steele, Maintenance, Mechanic, 10.53 years
Margery Sumblin, Transportation North, Route Coordinator, 3.3 years
Pamela Taylor, Eglin ES, Teacher, 20.2 years
Roy Taylor, Niceville HS, ROTC Instructor, 21 years
Peggy Tharp, Lewis School, Teacher, 32.4 years
Forrest Tinklepaugh, Maintenance, Carpenter I, 38.07 years
Suzanne Tomaschko, Kenwood ES, Teacher, 29.2 years
Margaret Touchstone, Food Services, Lunch Worker, 7.44 years
Laurie Weaver, Florosa ES, CRA, ESE, 13.11 years
Elizabeth Webb, Lewis School, Teacher, 13 years
Mary Westbrook, Shoal River MS, CRA, ESE, 15 years
Juanita Whitley, Transportation North, Bus Driver, 6.11 years
Jennifer Yelverton, Wright ES, Teacher, 35 years

To see a photo gallery of the Retirement Luncheon, please click here.