Destin ES Students Close Out School Year With Pirate Week, Night of the Arts, Books to Badges, and a Visit to the Wax Museum

Pirate Week - May 19-23, 2014

The students at Destin Elementary School had the opportunity to tour the William Augustus Bowles Museum and Historical Foundation’s Mobile Pirate Museum during week-long activities, which included drawing a pirate, making pirate paper hats, and touring of the mobile museum.  The mobile pirate museum is a year-round museum that gives access to historical items, Bowlegs Festival memorabilia and all the elements of Pirate Lore from the Emerald Coast.  Art teacher, Tamala Cusumano sponsored the William Augustus Bowles Museum and Historical Foundation.  The volunteer crew was from The William Augustus Bowles Museum and Historical Foundation and Captain Steve and Wendy Wilson, the owners of the Buccaneer Pirate Cruise in Destin.

Night of the Arts/Spring Acts Concert - May 20, 2014

Destin Elementary School Night with the Arts program began with an art walk featuring student art selections from the year and those featured in the County Art Show.  This drop-in event led to the Spring Arts concert.  Those performing and presenting included Dr. Deb’s Piano Academy, The Destin Elementary 4th Grade Chorus, and the Destin Gifted Program.  Special assistance for this evening was provided by the Junior Deputy program at Destin Elementary.

Books to Badges - May 2014

The Books to Badges Junior Deputy for the Day program accrued 450 volunteer hours for the Media Center in its inaugural year.  This program rewards parents and students who provide 20 hours of volunteer service to Destin Elementary School Media Center.  As a reward for their leadership the student gets to be "Jr. Deputy for the Day" which includes:

  • getting to wear a special vest recognizing them as such;
  • having their name announced by and reciting the pledge with the Principal during the morning announcements;
  • having lunch, making rounds with and having a picture taken with the SRO;
  • having their picture displayed in the lunchroom and the media center; and
  • being awarded a special certificate to take home.

Wax Museum - May 2014

Fourth-grade students at Destin Elementary held a Wax Museum of famous Floridians.  The students were required to research a person who significantly influenced Florida history.  They researched and read material, prepared a written report in the third person, and then created an oral report in first person that they memorized for their presentation in the Wax Museum. 

The other classes in the school were invited to walk through the “museum.”  The fourth graders dressed as their famous Floridians and also brought props to help identify the accomplishments of these important men and women of Florida.  Poses were assumed, and then at the touch of a visitor, our fourth graders “came alive” to deliver the important details of the contributions made to our great state.