Destin ES Second Graders Perform Inside Your Outside Play

Destin Elementary School 2nd graders recently performed a play entitled Inside Your Outside. 

The script was compiled by first grade teachers, Beverly Kyte and Pam Carroll.  Lisa Baunack, Destin’s Music Teacher, wrote and edited most of the songs.

“This show was a black light show sending our audience through a musical look at the body and how everything works,” said Baunack.

“Not only are we bringing original performances to every grade level at Destin ES but from the sounds of today’s performance we are learning a lot about Science along the way,” said Janet Stein, Destin Elementary School Principal.  “We are dedicated to ensuring that each and every grade level has the opportunity to participate in a performance every year.  Children need to experience the arts; creative activities are part of the building blocks of child development.”

Stein also thanked the parents for making the costumes.

To see a complete photo gallery of this event, visit the OCSD Facebook page.