Dennis Samac, Eglin Elementary Principal, Gets Surprise Welcome

There is a new sheriff in town at Eglin Elementary School.  Dennis Samac, Eglin’s new principal, got a “surprise” welcome at his first faculty meeting of the year.

“I was asked to make a welcome and what should the new principal know about being the principal at Eglin Elementary presentation,” said Susie Crawford.  “During a quick little meet and greet with him, I would say something and he would say ‘Well, there's a new Sheriff in town.’  So with the help of Kaye McKinley, Okaloosa County Schools Deputy Superintendent, we arranged for Sheriff Larry Ashley and Officer Gary Venuti to make a surprise appearance at our first faculty meeting.”   

Shortly after the faculty meeting got started, Sheriff Ashley and Officer Venuti busted in saying, “I heard there's a new sheriff in town.”

Sheriff Ashley then made Samac an Honorary Sheriff and handed him a bag of badges to make all of the teachers at Eglin Elementary School deputies so they could all work together as a team.

“We also presented Mr. Samac with a tool belt with various items he would need in an Elementary School, a David Letterman style Top 10 list of things he should know as a principal of Eglin Elementary School, and the poem "Everything I Ever Needed to Know I learned in Kindergarten" by Robert Fulghum,” said Crawford.  “It is very exciting to welcome a new principal after more than sixteen years and I wanted to make it a positive happy experience for our school.”