Crestview High School Excels at Electrathon Emerald Coast Classic - Updated

The Seventh Annual Electrathon Emerald Coast Classic was held on Saturday, April 25, 2015, and Crestview High School's team had great success.  The team more than doubled previous teams’ accomplishments in the race.  Even though they did not win the competition, Coach Greg Elrite said the team exceeded expectations and completed 95 laps of the ½ mile course averaging about 25 miles per hour.  The winning team, Pensacola High School, completed 121 laps. 

Crestview High School was in the hunt the entire race and had no mechanical issues throughout the day.  The team's plan was to consume the battery energy by the end of the race, 60 minutes, and their calculation was only short by about 10 minutes.  Lap times were consistently averaging 1:03 minutes for the first 45 minutes, then the lap times started falling off significantly.  With a few design changes, Coach Elrite says that they should be even more competitive next year.

The Electrathon competition is an event where the competitors attempt to complete the most laps in an electric vehicle within a one hour time frame.  There are two heats, morning and afternoon, and the results from each are added together to arrive at a total lap count for the day.  The design of the electric vehicle has few constraints, for example the vehicle can have three wheels or four wheels.  The three wheel configuration can be two wheels in front and one in back or one wheel in front and two in back.  The critical limitation is the maximum allowable weight of the batteries, 73 pounds.  Some teams purchase their vehicles completely assembled, some purchase kits and assemble them, while others design and build the vehicle from scratch.

Many thanks to the sponsors: Precision Auto Body; Truly Spokin’ Bicycle Shop; and Embry‑Riddle Aeronautical University.  In addition, thanks go out to CHS Welding and all of the staff and support personnel of Okaloosa County School District who lent a helping hand during this capstone project.

Team Members, Car 76

Bolding, Shane H
Bufkin, Jared A
Castleberry, Benjamin L
Ensor, Joseph B
Garces, Brandon G
Kootsouradis, Seth D
Layfield, Hunter J
Orezzoli, Renzo G
Rhoades, Tara J
Shaw, Nathan C
Smudzinski, Christopher B


Greg Elrite, Crestview High School Engineering Technology Instructor