Bluewater ES Celebrates 25th Anniversary

On November 19th, over 100 former Bluewater Elementary School administrators, teachers, parents, and students gathered to celebrate the school's 25th Anniversary. 

“We pride ourselves on being a community school,” said Principal Amy Klugh.  “At the heart of our school has always been our teachers.  They are the one unchanging constant.  Just read any number of school climate surveys over the last 25 years.  The first question on the school climate survey is ‘What is the best thing about your school?’  Most all of them say ‘The teachers.’”

“A school is just a building,” said Mary Beth Jackson, Superintendent of Schools. “These people (pointing to the audience), these children, all of you, you make this a school and you make the memories for these children.”

The seven former Administrators were recognized by Principal Klugh: Dr. Robert McEachern, Mary Gunter, Linda Wright (could not attend), Marti Gardner, Janet Norris, and Dr. Connie Hall.  “One thing is surely true, when you read off the names of the previous administrators, they have created a legacy for this school and it is an honor to be named among them,” she said.

Senate President Don Gaetz addressed the audience and recounted his family’s experiences at Bluewater Elementary School.  “While there are things that have changed, one thing that has not changed is the spirit of the school - a spirit of academic achievement and a spirit of caring.  The State of Florida recognizes that.”   

Three teachers who are still part of Bluewater’s staff and have been there from the beginning in the original 1990 faculty, Mary Sims—Bluewater’s 1st Teacher of the Year, Carla Edwards, and Shawn Smith, were called to the stage for recognition.

Dr. McEachern was presented with the declaration that from now on November 19th would be known as Dr. McEachern Day.

“One great thing about being a community school is the awesome community support you receive,” said Klugh.  “The Scheel Family of Sundance Realty is an example of that continued support. Last spring the Daily News ran an article about our Pre K D class needing a new playground.  The Scheel Family stepped forward and donated $25,000 to our fund.  From the sweet story Mr. Scheel shared about his dad Jack’s constant community support and how he always found a way to provide for those in need.  Upon reading the article, Mr. Scheel said his dad spoke to him and it was time for him to give back.   With this story in our hearts, we decided to name Bluewater’s new Pre K D playground, Jack’s Place.  Because who would not want to play at Jack’s Place?  Tonight we dedicate and name the Bluewater Pre K D playground Jack’s Place in honor of Father Jack Scheel.  Special thanks again to the Scheel family and Sundance Realty.”

The Seminole Singers provided the entertainment for the evening.

To see a complete photo gallery of this event, please visit the OCSD Facebook page.