Baker School STEM Students Learn While Giving Back

Baker School STEM students just wrapped up a Thanksgiving Canstruction engineering project where they constructed items with canned foods donated by the students, teachers, and community.

According to Stacy Burlison, Baker School’s Secondary Math, STEM, and Physics Teacher, Baker School did a canned food drive but wanted it to have a twist. 

“My STEM class was looking at mechanical engineering and my Physics class was studying balancing forces, so we tied it all in to the canned food drive and they are building structures,” said Burlison.  “They are using all of their physics and all of their mechanical engineering skills they just learned.”

Students were divided into nine groups and the structures included a Mountain Dew can, a football, a soup can, a minion, a slice of pie, the Cat in the Hat, an iPhone, the Mayflower, and a turkey leg.   The students designed their own structures and had to come up with the number of cans they would need to build it.  All they could use to build with were the cans, cardboard to help stabilize the structure and rubber bands.  They could however use props like the whipped cream on the slice of pie made of cotton balls.

“I am so proud of the work my students have done as well as the response from the Baker student body,” said Burlison.  “Together we have collected 1,742 cans of food. The local food pantry, the soup kitchen and the backpack buddies will be stocked up for the Thanksgiving holidays. This project not only allowed hands on experience for the students, but served a greater need in the community.”

“The experience I had participating in the canstruction was amazing,” said 12th grader Alexa Farris.  “All the cans we received was unreal, knowing we will be helping out families in our community is a great gift.”

The "Slice of Pie" group won the competition and will enjoy a pizza party!

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