Baker School STEM Students Hold Canned Food Drive With a Twist

Baker School STEM students held a canned food drive prior to the Thanksgiving Holidays but this food drive had a major twist.  Before donating the food to the community, the students were tasked with designing their own structures made from cans.  They had to draw out the design and calculate the number of cans they would need to build it.  All they could use to build the structure with were the cans, cardboard to help stabilize the structure and rubber bands.  They could however use props like a star on top of a Christmas tree made from cans.

“I am so proud of the work my students have done as well as the response from the Baker student body,” said Stacy Burlison, Secondary Math, STEM, and Physics teacher.  “Together we have collected 1,557 cans. The local food pantry and soup kitchen will be stocked up for the Thanksgiving holidays. This project not only allowed hands on experience for the students, but served a greater need in the community.”

Visit the OCSD Facebook page to see a complete photo gallery of the structures.