Baker School Holds Family STEM Night

Baker School held a Family STEM Night on April 24, 2014 which featured twenty-five fun, interactive science stations for students and their families. 

Members of the Baker STEM Club, under the direction of Stacy Burlison, a Secondary Math, STEM and Physics teacher, prepared all of the experiments and helped the students master each activity.

Zachary Childs, an 8th grader, helped participants build their own hovercraft out of CDs and balloons. 

“Once you build it, it should glide across table or any flat service,” said Childs.

Bayleigh Burlison, a 5th grader, was having fun making a cell out of candy and chose to use licorice, gum drops, marshmallows, and jolly ranchers for her cell while Liberty Sites, a 12th grader, looked on.

Pierce Thompson, a 6th grader and several other participants, were hard at work building bridges with tooth picks and marshmallows.

Malcolm Griffith, a 12th grader, and his fellow club members were making play dough out of flour, salt and food coloring.

Dennis Hausch, with the Northwest Florida Astronomy Association, was on hand outside with multiple telescopes the students could gaze through.

“During the day, we are looking at the sun using two types of scopes, one where we are looking at sun spots and one where we are looking for flares,” said Hausch.  “Tonight we will be looking at Jupiter, Mars, and a few other deep sky objects.”

Jaclynn Britt, a 6th grade STEM Club member, was serving as Hausch’s helper and stayed busy getting the telescope in focus for the students.

Rachel Arzaga, a 12th grade STEM Club member, was helping Ava Arnold, a 2nd grader, at the Magic Sand table.  “We are taking sand and putting it in water,” said Rachel Arzaga, a 12th grade STEM Club member.  “It is supposed to emulate sand that is in space which has special properties that repel water.  So when you take it out of the water, it is still dry.”

A fun and educational time was had by all.

To see a complete photo gallery of the night, click here.