Antioch Elementary 3rd Graders Hold Balloon Day

Antioch Elementary third graders in Laura Pink’s class recently enjoyed a day of ballooning using both dry cleaning plastic bags and tissue paper balloons. 

The students prepared their balloons and used hair dryers as a source of heat energy through chimneys. 

“I was surprised to see the difference it made to launch them in the cold morning air compared to the afternoon warm air,” said Jeseka Williams. 

The students were studying buoyancy to prepare for Pumpkin Day (sink and float activity). 

Pink conducted the ballooning activity as an extension of STEM Science using CHOICE: Aviation through Embry-Riddle Worldwide and ACE (Aerospace Curriculum in Education) through Civil Air Patrol. 

The entire faculty at Antioch Elementary school teaches ACE lessons (at least twelve lessons) during the school year giving the Kindergarten through 5th grade cross-curricular aerospace lessons that support science, technology, engineering, math, good character and physical fitness.

Antioch is also one of five Okaloosa schools to host a PITSCO Science Lab which has been greatly beneficial to Antioch’s Kindergarten – 5th science grades, Science DEA and science FCAT scores. 

“Science involved teachers are one of the reasons our test scores have improved,” said Pink.

Pink contacted Major Tucker Hamilton at Eglin Air Force Base to incorporate a lesson on buoyancy in the air (Boyle’s Law) which was taught by AF 1st Lieutenant, Trevor Dahl.  The chimneys were made AFA member John Jogerst and the lesson incorporated was taught by Sandy Palmer (PITSCO Lab science Coach) during an AFA Aerospace Educators Workshop. 

“The support from the various military branches and outreach programs are tremendous.  We appreciate all of them,” said Pink.