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Out-of-Field or OOF

Okaloosa County School District hires qualified teachers to best serve the needs of the students. When a teacher in the district is assigned teaching duties in a class dealing with subject matter that is outside the field in which he or she is certified, the teacher is identified as teaching out-of-field and must complete the necessary coursework to add the additional certification. Teachers are usually out-of-field for one of two reasons.

Subject Out-of-field

Subject out-of-field is when the teacher is teaching a subject that does not match an area on his or her certificate.  For example, a teacher who has a certificate with a math coverage is asked to teach a science class.  The teacher is OOF in science until he or she adds the coverage to his or her certificate.

English Speakers of Other Languages or ESOL

ESOL out-of-field is when the teacher hasn’t started or completed all his or her required ESOL coursework.  The teacher is OOF while working to meet the ESOL requirement for his or her position. 

Current legislative action has required school districts to post the out-of-field list on the district’s website.  Please click on the link below to see the current list of OOF teachers by school. 

2017-18 Out of Field Teachers By School     
8/14/2017 Addendum   
8/28/2017 Addendum   
9/25/2017 Addendum   
10/09/2017 Addendum  
10/24/2017 Addendum  

12/11/2017 Addendum 
1/8/2018 Addendum  
1/22/2018 Addendum 

2/26/2018 Addendum 

2016-17 Out of Field Teachers By School  
 9/26/2016 Addendum    
  10/10/2016 Addendum   
 1/4/2017 Addendum     
1/17/2017 Addendum   
2/17/2017 Addendum   

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