Curriculum Guides

The guides linked here have been developed to assist teachers with the pacing and focus required by the benchmarks of the specific course descriptions. The Okaloosa County elementary and middle school teachers, who developed the guides, took into consideration such factors as: number of benchmarks to be completed within the school year, cognitive complexity, and FCAT timing. Of course, formative assessments will also guide the pacing; as such, the timelines may be slightly altered by the classroom teacher.

The Elementary Curriculum Guides address all standards and “Big Ideas” along with suggested textbook alignment, literary connections, vocabulary selection, technology support, and supplemental resources. Suggested timelines are based on the level of complexity of each benchmark. The Quarterly Review Guides are for individual elementary grades and are a compilation of quarterly benchmarks from the individual subjects’ Curriculum Guides. These review guides have been designed to assist with lesson planning timelines and reviews.

The secondary schools’ Pacing Charts address the benchmarks of the specific course descriptions. Additional high school course charts will be posted as they are developed and School Board approved.

If you have questions regarding any of these guides, please contact the following district specialists and/or Marcus Chambers:

Main Office - 833-4208 
Science: Tami Ellis 833-4122
Math: Debbie Davis - 833-3386 
Social Studies: Ann Flanagan - 833-6312  
Language Arts: Ann Flanagan - 833-6312