East Panhandle Region Shines at State Science Fair

Thirty-two students were selected to represent the East Panhandle Region at the 61st State Science and Engineering Fair of Florida in Lakeland, Florida, March 29 – 31, 2016.  This year the Fair featured 875+ projects, with over 925 Finalists in Junior (grades 6-8) and Senior Sections (grades 9-12) from across the state.

One of the Fair’s highlights was the Junior and Senior Outstanding Narratives (JASON) Colloquium.  This event provided an opportunity to introduce talented young people who have brought honor to the State of Florida.  Several students presented a brief three minute narrative about a meaningful experience.  The Intel International Science and Engineering Fair Finalists and Broadcom MASTERS winners from each Region were also recognized during the Ceremony.

Of the thirty-two projects presented by the East Panhandle Region delegates, twenty-three of the projects brought home an award.  Twenty were recognized places (including recognition which is 6th) and the region brought home $85,775 in scholarships and prizes.

Congratulations to all of our Fair winners:

1st Place

Junior Division - Mikayla Lindsay in Physics (STEMM)

2nd Place

Senior Division - Daniel Bobbit in Engineering (Niceville High)

Junior Division - Grayson Brobeck in Engineering (STEMM), Dane Dickerson in Engineering (STEMM), Makenzie Marez in Biomedical/Health Sciences (Liza), and Emma Daldine in Physics (Saint Mary)

3rd Place

Junior Division - Ben Sherwin in Engineering (STEMM), Eshaan Sharma in Environmental Engineering (Ruckel), Caroline Orcutt in Environmental Engineering (Liza), and Calvin Boole in Biomedical/Health Science (Saint Mary)

4th place

Senior Division - Liam Ordner in Chemistry (Niceville High), Camille Miles in Environmental Engineering (Niceville High), and Lauren Matthews in Plant Sciences (Niceville High)

Junior Division - Elizabeth Everett in Earth and Environmental (Davidson)

Honorable Mention (5th place)

Junior Division - Alexandra Manion in Cellular/Molecular Biology Biochemistry (Saint Mary)

Recognition (6th place)

Senior Division - Skylar Dennis in Behavioral and Social Sciences (Collegiate), Alexis Hopkins in Engineering (FWBHS)

Junior Division - Kadi Casey inAnimal Sciences (Saint Mary), Ethan Lindsay in Chemistry (STEMM), and Joey Enguidanos in Earth and Environmental (STEMM)

Other Recognition

  • Lauren Matthews from NHS - 84k scholarship to FIT
  • Joey Enguidanos from STEMM - $50 Palm Beach Award and $75 Florida Society of Environmental Analysis Award
  • Grayson Brobeck from STEMM - Navy Award
  • Alexis Hopkins from FWBHS- 1k scholarship Apollo 1 Memorial Foundation
  • Caroline Orcutt from Liza- $100 Baird Junior Environmental Sciences
  • Camille Miles from NHS - ASM AWARD
  • Indira Mishra from NHS- $50 Collier Award
  • Logan Thursby from Shoal River - $200 SME award
  • Frankie Daldine from Choctaw- $50 Choctawhatchee Award
  • Mikayla Lindsay from STEMM - $100 FAACS AND $150 Robert and Judy Kryger Family Award

Broadcom MASTERS State Nominations

  • Mikayla Lindsay 
  • Makenzie Marez
  • Dane Dickerson
  • Grayson Brobeck
  • Emma Daldine
Intel International Science and Engineering Fair Delegates
  • Daniel Bobbitt (Niceville High) 
  • Chase Cleveland/Connor Cleveland (FWBHS)
  • Lauren Matthews (Niceville High) 
  • Camille Miles (Niceville High) 
  • Alternate - Liam Ordner (Niceville High) 

Picture above are (front row) Aleja Johnson, Skylar Dennis, Elizabeth Everett, Emma Daldine, Alexandra Manion, Kadi Casey, Alexis Hopkins; (second row) Hannah Vitt, Brynn Burdge, Makenzie Marez, Lauren Matthews, Camille Miles, Caroline Orcutt, Niamh Ordner, Mikayla Lindsay, Indira Mishra; (third row) Calvin Boole, Conrad Kiel, Josh Schumacher, Liam Ordner, Chris Loffler, Josh Williams, Dane Dickerson, Grayson Brobeck, Ben Sherwin; and (back row) Chase Cleveland, Eshaan Sharma, Joey Enguidanos, Frank Danldine, Logan Thursby, Connor Cleveland, Daniel Bobbitt, Jason Stukbauer, Ethan Lindsay.