Summer Reading

Students planning to take AP Calculus need to pick up a packet of the summer homework.  The packets will be in guidance.

9th grade students joining AP Human Geography are encouraged to purchase a practice exam and study guide book for the AP Human Geography Exam. Any vendor is sufficient. Students are also encouraged to log into Mr. Mel Brownsberger’s Edmodo AP Human Geography site with code d5yk3d to peruse content, expectations and suggestions for the upcoming semester.


Seniors - Class of 2020 


AP Literature - Summer Reading List 2019 Updated on 5-27-2019

                          How to Read Literature Like a Professor

                          Major Works Data Sheet



English 4 Honors - Students do not have a summer reading assignment but should have two books during the first weeks of school for the assignment and the selections. Updated on 5-27-2019 


Juniors - Class of 2021


AP Language & Composition Summer Reading 2019 Updated on 5-27-2019


English III Honors: Summer Reading Assignment 2019 Updated on 5-27-2019

Sophomores - Class of 2022  Updated on 5-27-2019
English II Honors: Summer Reading Sophomores 

10th Grade Honors students are required to read one book from a suggested list. Information about your summer reading assignment and the book choices. Summer Reading Assignment 2019

Freshman - Class of 2023  Updated on 6-11-2019
English Honors: Summer Reading Freshman - Class of 2021 

9th grade English 1 Honors students are required to read at least one book over the summer, complete the assignment and be prepared to discuss their reading.  The assignment will be turned in on the first day of school.  The suggested selections are from the 2017-2018 Teens Read nominations; however, a student may choose a book that is not on the list but that is appropriate for the student’s interest and ability levels.

Updated reading for Freshmen  Updated on 6-11-2019

Information about the summer reading assignment  

Summer Reading Assignment  

Teens Read 2019  




Access Summer readings via e-book. 

We can now support the reading lists by almost 100% with eBooks; there were only 5 titles not offered to us by the publishers. This provides another option for students to read the books from the library. All they need to do is search in the catalog at to see all formats offered. If students want to see only downloadable titles, they can change the default “Everything” search to “Digital Catalog” as shown directly below.

Okaloosa County Public Library     
Or, students can go straight to the digital collection at
There are free apps for tablets and phones, and a browser-based interface, too. You can pretty much read where you want on the device that you want.

Okaloosa County Public Library - Digital Library