Yearbook Information


Updated Yearbook Information as of 9/9/2019


Senior Portrait Makeups:

Monday, August 19 is senior portrait makeup day in the auditorium during English, study hall, or no class between 7 am and 1:30 pm. Seniors may get this done for FREE, however if they would like to have extra poses in additional clothing and have the proofs mailed to their home address, they should bring a sitting fee of $10. Don’t forget to bring additional clothes - favorite outfit, dress up outfit, clothes related to any extracurricular activities (team jerseys, etc.).


Underclassmen Picture Day:

Next Tuesday, August 20 is underclassman picture day in the auditorium. English teachers will take their classes. If a student is dual-enrolled or does not have an English class on campus, he or she may go during a no-class period or a study hall between 7 and 1:30.

Senior Panoramic Photo: 

Seniors will have their senior class panoramic photo taken in the gym Thursday, September 26th, during Wave and into 4th period (9:45-10:45). This is a one-time only opportunity. There is no makeup for this photo. Save the date!


The 2019-2020 Yearbook is on sale now for $85, and will increase again to $95 on February 1, 2020. Buy yours online at or We sold out last year! Make sure to buy yours early in order to reserve a copy!