Yearbook Information


Updated 7-3-20

Attention Class of 2021! It is time for you to get your senior portraits taken for the yearbook, for graduation invitations, and for your family to order. The photography company we use LifeTouch/Prestige Portraits will be sending you a postcard. It is very important for you to watch the mail over the next two weeks so that you do not accidentally discard your appointment information with the junk mail!
Class of 2021 Senior Portrait FAQs
Appointments –
Senior portraits will be taken at school in the Chorus Room the week of July 27-31 (Monday through Friday from 8 am until 3 pm), and you MUST have an appointment.

We have around 390 rising seniors. Each year, fewer than half of our seniors make and keep their summer appointments. This appointment week allows time slots for 105 students, so make your appointment as soon as you get your card.

If more than 105 calls/online appointments are made (the number we have scheduled), the administration at FWBHS will work with the photography company to consider adding additional summer portrait days the following week.

Because of the COVID-19 precautions in place (see below), there can be no walk-in appointments. You must have a scheduled day and time.
Costs and Fees:
There will be a $10 sitting fee due on the day of your appointment, which will include having copies of the proofs mailed to your home address. There will be no other costs to you. Formal pictures will be published in the yearbook whether or not you purchase them.

PLEASE keep your postcard from LifeTouch/Prestige Portraits, which will include a link and online code for choosing your preferred formal pose for the yearbook in the fall. Otherwise, it will be chosen for you. If you do choose to order copies of your photos, that is also the link and code for ordering copies.
Because of COVID-19 and the precautions that we must take for your safety, the conditions for your summer portraits are different than any class before you. Please read them carefully:
Social distancing –

We do not yet have a firm delivery date for the 2019-2020 yearbook, but at the earliest, it will be late July or August. 

As soon as we have a firm delivery date for the books, we will have a plan in place for pickup and/or delivery, and we’ll advertise it through this newsletter, our Facebook page and website, as well as social media outlets.