Where Are They Now? Read about these FWBHS Graduates.


Rachel D'Ambroise, Class of 2005 - Production Manager, The Kennedy Center

Theatre taught me what it means to build something with other people and to be, as a result, responsible to and for them. It changed me from a someone that avoided working with others into a person who loved the feeling of creative common purpose. I could be as motivated by other people’s success as much as my own because we were ‘in it together.’


Paul Bigot, Class of 1999 - Professional Wig and Makeup Designer

I currently still work in the industry as a hair and makeup supervisor for National Tours of Broadway show. I have been on tour for the last 6 years with quite a few shows under my belt: Hairspray, The Wedding Singer, The Wizard of Oz, Young Frankenstein (1st National Tour starring Roger Bart and Shuler Hensley), and the 1st National Tour of La Cage Aux Folles starring George Hamilton and Christopher Sieber. La Cage ends in 7 weeks and I move straight to another show, Flashdance the Musical.  I never would have had this opportunity or even known about this career field without my drama classes in high school. Even though I am not performing onstage anymore, I learned all the ins and outs of theater from the drama program at school and outside children's theater programs.                               


Tessa Barlotta, Class of 2008 - Costumer for Universal Studios, Orlando

Upon entering FWBHS I decided to try out her class and I can honestly say that I learned more in Christa's Drama I class than I did in any other my freshman year. I not only received a more comprehensive education in early theatre than I would later receive in college, but I learned more about myself and my place in the world than any other instruction could have shown me. I entered Christa's department a shy little artist hidden in the corner and left as a lead actress and a Critic's Choice Costume Designer for the State of Florida. Every day I am still using the knowledge and strength she taught me to shape my future and lead a happy and fulfilled life.                                     


Stephanie Piccione Elliott, Class of 2000 - Defense Systems Analyst, US Navy

You see everyone in the math and science world has taken calculus, physics, and chemistry. We all know how to take a derivative, the equations that describe the motion of an object, and the periodic table. But I’ve learned to be comfortable speaking in front of people. I am comfortable explaining and presenting my ideas to anyone, whether they be peers, managers, or program decision-makers. I’m not scared of anyone asking questions about my work because I learned how to think on my feet and to prepare “to be on stage," which in my job today means anything from giving a presentation to participating in a brainstorming meeting. I learned to be comfortable depending on other people to ensure I could do my job well. I learned to work as part a team where the final product was far better than anything we could have produced individually. I learned to be creative and look for different ways to solve problems. I hope it’s obvious by now that I am also confident in myself and my abilities. I learned all of these skills through performing arts classes.