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Rachel Pritchard, Class of 2003

I'm a Viking because
The red white and blue has stuck with me stronger than many other affiliation colors.
When I would come home from college or living out of town, I always drove down Wright Parkway on the way into town to make sure I drove by my alma matter.
I strive to make my students even stronger and more successful Vikings than I was.
I want everyone to understand the true meaning of Valhalla.
I hope that everyone who walks these halls realizes the impact they will have on the future of our county because of what they were taught at Fort Walton Beach High School.
I am confident that the atmosphere, faculty, and relationships at Fort Walton Beach High School prepared me for EVERYTHING that I would see in the real world.
I learned more about the person I wanted to become in the halls of Fort Walton Beach High School than anywhere else in the world.
Once you are a Viking, you are a Viking for life.

Brett Latham, Economics Instructor, Coach
Class of 1974

I remember how proud I was walking in the school the day that FWBHS opened in 1969 and the great opportunity that I was afforded in high school. When I returned to teach in 2005, I was so impressed with the professionalism, the work ethic, the diversity and the quality of the course offerings at FWBHS. Every Viking student is afforded every opportunity to create their own experience here. Seize it!

Sidney Freeman
Cheerleader, Class of 2016
DMS Graduate

I am a Viking because of our school cheer team. I wanted to be a part of one of the best school cheer teams around from high school football games to winning Nationals

Emily Balint
Cheerleader, Class of 2016
DMS Graduate

I am a Viking because the cheerleading program is prenominal, all of my good friends go here, the pep rallies are crazy, football season is the most amazing & exciting time of the year, the learning program is A+, and everyone is proud to be a Fort Walton Beach High School Viking.

Mary Gashaw
Cheerleader, Class of 2016
DMS Graduate

I am a Viking because I want to be a part of a great athletic, academic, and community oriented school! I want to be a part of the fun and traditions of Fort Walton. I can’t wait to look back at my high school years here at Fort Walton.

Alexa Gaddis
Cheerleader, Class of 2016
DMS Graduate

I am a Viking because I feel like I can have a better athletic opportunity. Wait, a better question is why wouldn’t I be a Viking?

Jesi Harrell
Cheerleader, CLass of 2016
DMS Graduate

I am a Viking because this is where my sister goes and it supports my athletic and academic wishes.

Ashley Holz
Cheerleader, Class of 2016
MBJ Graduate

I am a Viking because my dad went to Fort Walton and instilled the Viking Spirit in me as a young child. Also, the cheer program at Fort Walton is always top notch. I am proud to be a Viking and hope it always shines through.

Lauren Rigdon
Cheerleader, lass of 2016

I am a Viking because our school has given me more academic and athletic abilities to improve with. When you are a Viking, you learn responsibility and respect.

Sam Sowell, Class of 2013

I'm a Viking because... I learn with a community of outstanding students. I came to Fort Walton Beach High School in light of the fact that the programs and teachers here were some of the best in the county. As my high school experience draws to a close, I can also say that my interactions with the students here leaves me convinced that they are exceptional individuals and leading members of the Emerald Coast.


Elizabeth Rudder, Class of 2014

I could not imagine going to high school anywhere BUT Fort Walton. I’ve gotten more out of my past three years here than I could’ve ever asked for or imagined and that can largely be attributed to the faculty and staff.  Every member on board at Fort Walton has a heart for all students and does everything within their power to nurture us towards success and help us reach our utmost goals. Not only do students receive encouragement from their teachers and coaches, we receive a large part of it from our fellow students. I am going on my second year as a member of the Stars Dance Team and I have made friendships that will long outlast my high school career, not to mention it has built up my work ethic and as a team we have achieved the excellent goals of winning State Champions for four years in a row and continuing to finalize at the national level year after year. People who I barely even know are so supportive of our team, telling us all good luck, making us posters, etc. and it’s little acts like that, that make Fort Walton one big family. Almost every student is involved in one way or another and we all do things to lift each other up! Each club and organization has a desire for not only their own achievements but to add to our school’s achievements as a whole and I think that’s part of what makes FWBHS such an encouraging environment. Part of being a Viking is joining a huge fan base of school spirit that you would miss out on going anywhere else. Our attendance is high at ALL sports functions, not just football, and we love to cheer on our teams by making posters, goody bags, chants, and playing dress up in the best colors around town: red and blue. If I had to go back to freshman year I would choose Fort Walton all over again, for it is without a doubt the best school in the county.

Kerri Andre, Class 0f 2014

I love being a Viking because of the Biomed program that Fort Walton offers. The Biomed classes are so fun and interesting and they are a great prerequisite if you are interested in any kind of career in the medical field or if you just love science.

I also love being a Viking because Fort Walton Beach High School offers so many ways to get involved. I chose to become a part of the varsity soccer team and I also became involved with my community through service projects in Beta Club, National Honors Society, and many of the other numerous clubs FWBHS has to offer.  

Ali Nix, Class of 2014

    I am a Viking!  One major reason I love being a Viking is our leadership program. This program gives students an opportunity to be involved in our school as well as our community, and it prepares students for college through building a portfolio, resume, cover letter and much more. I'm proud to be a Viking because of my  involvement in the volleyball program which  is filled with good enery and amazing girls, all working towards the same goal alongside a great coach. I am a Viking who succeeds in my studies due to teachers and administrators who dedicate their time and are willing to spend  extra time  making sure students understand the material and assess students' individual needs. Thanks to what Fort Walton Beach has to offer for each student, including me,  I wouldn't want to be anything but a Viking!

Crystal Taylor, parent of a senior

Being military, my children have had to experience relocating to multiple schools throughout their lives. When we enrolled our oldest the beginning of his junior year at Ft. Walton Beach High School, we did not realize that we would become so familiar with the administration. My son made a bad judgment decision right before winter break that changed his year dramatically. He was headed down a path that could have ended his hopes for any successful future, but because of the principal, Mrs. Couvillon, and her insight into the fact that he was a “good kid, that made a bad decision”, he was given the chance to redeem himself. He paid his dues for his mistake, and Mrs. Couvillon has supported him ever since that dreadful day in her office. He is a Senior this year and is heading off to The University of Alabama. Mrs. Couvillon cared about my son, she got to know him on a first name basis, and she took an interest in his future.  We can’t say it enough, “Thank You for all You have done and for not giving up on him”.