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I'm an instructor at Fort Walton Beach High School (B.S. in Information Technology), and I have twelve years of experience in the Information Technology sector. I am excited about what I do.

I have a solid understanding of web design programs such as Dreamweaver, Netbeans, and Microsoft Expression Web. I have a strong foundation in HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL, and other programming languages. I have strong administrative capabilities, and I am familiar with the Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, & PowerPoint). I earned my certification in web development from UWF in 2013.

I am proud to be an IT instructor at FWBHS. Go Vikings!



   Web Development Institute

In the Web Development program, students focus on an ever-changing world of Web technologies where they explore the Adobe Creative Suite software and learn hand-coding Web sites. This program provides advanced concepts used in interface design and includes principles of Human Computer Interface (HCI), advanced page design using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), HTML5 commands, multimedia applications, Internet/Intranet tools, and Web site promotion.


   Digital Design Institute

Students who study digital design have the opportunity to pursue a wide range of computer-based design courses using industry-leading software. With programs like Adobe Creative Suite CS6, students work hands-on with the same cutting-edge software as today's design professionals, which gives them a significant advantage as they move on to further their education or enter the work force.


IT Classroom Guidelines  Click Here


HTML5  basic page structure




HTML Quick Reference Sheets   

Click Here  Basic HTML 4.01 Transitional

Click Here  Detailed HTML 4.01 Transitional




CLICK HERE to view the Photoshop Tools/Menu PDF.

Quick Reference PDF Click Here

Reference PDF  Click Here

Grading Rubric  Click Here

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