FWBHS Biomedical Sciences Program


Class of 2016

Class of 2015

Class of 2014



Ms. Devon Stewart (PBS, HBS, MI, BI)


850-833-3300 ext.1279


Mrs. Megan Mueller (HBS)


850-833-3300 ext.1226



The PLTW Biomedical Sciences (BMS) Program is a sequence of courses, all aligned with appropriate national learning standards, which follows a proven hands-on, real-world problem-solving approach to learning. Students explore the concepts of human medicine and are introduced to topics such as physiology, genetics, microbiology and public health. Through activities, like dissecting a heart, students examine the processes, structures and interactions of the human body – often playing the role of biomedical professionals. They also explore the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease, working collaboratively to investigate and design innovative solutions to the health challenges of the 21st century such as fighting cancer with nanotechnology.

Throughout BMS, students acquire strong teamwork and communication practices, and develop organizational, critical-thinking, and problem-solving skills. Along the way students investigate a variety of careers in biomedical sciences.

BMS courses complement traditional science courses and can serve as the foundation for STEM-centered or specialized academies. The program is designed to prepare students to pursue a post-secondary education and careers in the biomedical sciences.


Year 1: Principles of the Biomedical Sciences

Year 2: Human Body Systems

Year 3: Medical Interventions

Year 4: Biomedical Innovation (Capstone Course)




Project Lead the Way and College Board have recently partnered to encourage participation in STEM courses.  They will soon be offering student recognition opportunities.  Click here to find out more!




Students in the Biomedical Sciences Program may qualify to earn college credit at the University of West Florida per an articulation agreement with the Okaloosa County School District.


There are also various universities across the country that offer PLTW credit.  Each individual school has its own requirements. See the below document for more information and links.

College & Scholarship Opportunities