Course Adoption

Course adoptions will be considered at the June 11th School Board meeting. Please remember that the process requires an End of Course (EOC) Exam for any newly adopted secondary course. We have attempted to stream-line the process as much as possible and still follow Board Policy. Please see the process, outlined below:

1.       Request* submitted to Shawnea Tallman by
          Principal, API, or designee of Principal.
          a.  Official course title
          b.  Course number
          c.  Rationale for adoption
          d.  Appropriately formatted EOC Exam (for secondary)     

2.       Tallman verifies course number and title and forwards EOC to subject area reviewer.

3.       Upon verification of EOC, Tallman forwards request and Board Agenda request form to Kaye McKinley.

4.       Kaye McKinley approves and submits agenda request or notifies school of denial.

5.       Upon School Board approval, Tallman notifies MIS for final adoption of the course.

*Deadline for submissions will be May 25th for the June 11th School Board meeting.

Please contact Shawnea Tallman if you would like an EOC template.