Grades Online - Parent Portal

Parent Portal graphic with link to Parental Portal

Parent Portal provides timely student performance information parents need to stay fully involved with their child's academic progress. To access your student's grades, you will need a UserID (Student Number) and password.  If you have lost or do not know your UserID and password, you can obtain one by completing the MIS 4339 Form and returning it to your child's school.  If you should have any questions concerning your child's grades, please contact your child's teacher.

Email Notification Is Available

A feature within the Parent Portal allows parents to keep track of their child's grades by email notification. Simply sign up for the email notification by clicking the “Set up Email” link after you log in to the Parent Portal.  A verification email will be sent to you and will contain instructions regarding the set-up process.  


We are in the process of developing a workable solution to using the electronic Gradebook in Kindergarten. Our Kindergarten classes use a developmental checklist for reporting students’ progress. Putting this in an electronic format is currently under review. In the meantime, please contact the Kindergarten teacher for information regarding your child’s progress.

Having a problem viewing your childs grades? Please let us know!