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These students had the longest streaks of the most lessons passed

in January in grades 2/4/5.  Second grade reading and 4/5 reading

and math


Parent Satisfaction Survey

Our district is on a continuous journey to make our schools the best places for students to learn, staff to work and parents to send their children for a great education. In this effort, we appreciate your support. It is important to gather feedback from you to celebrate successes and identify areas for growth. Please take a few minutes and complete this Parent Satisfaction Survey to help provide this feedback.

Once the survey is complete, the results will be analyzed by an outside organization. The data from the survey will be returned to the District to be shared with each school, its parents and the community.

The survey can be accessed online at OCSD Parent Satisfaction Survey.

Our school may also provide you with a paper copy to complete.

The survey will be available through March 13, 2020.

Thank you for your interest in and support of your child’s education with us. Please contact your school if you have any questions concerning the survey.



Subway Spirit Night Fundraiser

Thursday, February 13th  from 3:00 pm – 9:00 pm

10% of all sales donated to school

Other dates will be March 12th, April 9th, and May 14th

Please mark your calendar to come out and have a dinner

while supporting Elliott Point Elementary School.

REINDEER RUN Results...Finally!!

It turned out to be a cold day, but this past Friday we were finallly able to have our Annual Reindeer run!!!

with trying to plan around a fickle weather forcast, it was great to have all the parents who were able to come

out and support our students on such shsort notice!!  We are proud of all of our students for taking part and

doing their best and we want to extend a special Congrats to all of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place Winners!!


Kindergarten Girls:                                                          Kindergarten Boys:

1st Place- Lasheika Morris                              1st Place- Jaylen Johnson

2nd Place- Dylan Scott                                    2nd Place- Stevie Tabb-Garcia

3nd Place- Layla Ragsdale                              3rd Place- Lucian Feldmeir


First Grade Girls:                                                             First Grade Boys:        

1st Place- Andrea Rivera-Joaquin                    1st Place- Hayden McKuhen

2nd Place- Carmella Tartarilla                           2nd Place- Max Porterfield

3rd Place- Addison Evans                                 3rd Place- Kase Thompson


Second Grade Girls:                                                         Second Grade Boy::

1st Place- Miracle Johnson                               1st Place- Richard McCoy

2nd Place- Mia Betancourt                                2nd Place- Dominic Cobb

3rd Place- Addyson Bundy                                3rd Place Tie- Darius Milton and Anthony Scott


Third Grade Girls:                                                           Third Grade Boys: 

1st Place- Sky Arch                                           1st Place- Landon McKuhen

2nd Place- Taraji Byrd                                        2nd Place- Andrew Guity

3rd Place- Staci Uveges                                     3rd Place- Ian Homandberg


Fourth Grade Girls:                                                         Fourth Grade Boys:

1st Place- Janiya Brown                                      1st Place- Domontreall Cunningham

2nd Place- Ja'Nyla Myers                                    2nd Place- Jacob Salley

3rd Place- Ileana Dinkins                                     3rd Place- Carlos Amigo


Fifth Grade Girls:                                                            Fifth Grade Boys:

1st Place- Peyton DiBenedetto                            1st Place- Emanuel Williams

2nd Place- Ashley Buttel                                      2nd Place-  Kestahn Moore

3rd Place-  Kehemba Lloyd                                  3rd Place- Luke Jordan         

Important message:

Okaloosa County Schools ESE Parent Advisory Group is seeking new members!

Would you like to get involved? Complete this form if you would like to be on the

core membership team. Core members commit to participating in each of the

quarterly meetings and will serve as liasons to parents and educators in our district.

All parents are welcome to attend the Parent Advisory Group meetings. Check out

our website for more information being added soon for upcoming meeting dates.

Congratulations !!!

Elliott Point Elementary School

Staff Professsional of the Year

Coach Tanya Evanchyk


Elliott Point Elementary School

is proud to introduce the 2019-2020

Teacher of the Year!

Mrs. Belinda Blalock

Report cards have gone paperless! 

A PDF will be available through the Parent Portal if you would like to print a copy of the report card.

The link will be on the left side, in the “Options” box. We can print a copy for you in the office if you needed. 

              GRADES ONLINE            

The Okaloosa County School's Parent Portal provides timely student performance information parents need to stay fully

involved with their child's academic progress. Go to and click on  PARENTS/STUDENTS at

the top of the page.



To access your student's grades, you will need a UserID (Student Number) and password. If you have lost or do not know

your UserID and password, you can obtain one by completing the MIS 4339 Form and returning it to your child's school.

If you should have any questions concerning your child's grades, please contact your child's teacher. The student number

is on all report cards and progress reports you may have received previously.


EMAIL NOTIFICATION IS AVAILABLE  A feature within the Parent Portal allows parents to keep track of their child's grades

by email notification. Simply sign up for the email notification by clicking the “Set up Email” link after you log in to the Parent

Portal. A verification email will be sent to you and will contain instructions regarding the set-up process.


GRADES APP FOR IPHONE AND ANDROID USERS If you prefer using an App, you can access grades through the

 iOCSD App that is available for either iPhone or Android.  In addition to showing student grades, the App gives you the

ability to link directly to school calendars, receive notices of upcoming events at your student’s school and access school

contact information.  When you use the App, you will be prompted to enter your student’s ID Number and PIN only once.

  Parents are able to store multiple schools and students. (Pin is last 4 numbers of student ID)


KINDERGARTEN  We are in the process of developing a workable solution to using the electronic Gradebook in Kindergarten.

Our Kindergarten classes use a developmental checklist for reporting students’ progress. Putting this in an electronic format is

currently under review. In the meantime, please contact the Kindergarten teacher for information regarding your child’s progress.

Having a problem viewing your child's grades? Please let us know!

                                                              Download the iOCSD App Today!

Our schools are always searching for better and more efficient ways to communicate with parents. The old iOCSD App gave

parents a convenient way to check student grades. The updated App now gives you the ability to also:


                                                                                                                              This is a picture that links to the iOCSD page for the iOCSD App.

  • Link directly to school calendars
  • Receive notices of upcoming events related to your student
  • Have access to school contact information


If you already have the App, you will be prompted to enter your student’s ID Number and PIN only once. ID numbers are provided

on the report card.

Don’t have the App yet? Download it for free. It’s a great way to stay connected!




National Walk to School 

October 2, 2019

FDLRS/Emerald Coast Associate Center and The Florida Inclusion Network will be presenting monthly webinars dedicated to ESE topics. The first webinar series is this Monday, Sept. 23rd. Join in to learn and have questions answered. Click here for flyer about event








Lunes, 9 de septiembre de 2019

Re: Healthy Schools, LLC Clínicas de vacunación contra la gripe


Lamentamos informarle que Healthy Schools, LLC ha descontinuado su

programa de vacunación en la escuela en todo el estado de Florida. En este

momento, no hay otras opciones para este servicio en la escuela en nuestra área;

por lo tanto, no podremos ofrecer las clínicas de vacunación contra la influenza

en la escuela en nuestras escuelas este año.


Recomendamos que todos los padres de nuestros estudiantes se comuniquen

con el pediatra local o el proveedor de atención médica de su hijo para

solicitar información sobre la vacunación contra la influenza. Si su hijo no tiene

un pediatra u otro médico local, el departamento de salud local proporciona vacunas

para los niños, incluida la vacuna contra la gripe, o puede visitar el sitio web del

buscador de vacunas contra la gripe de los CDC para localizar proveedores de

vacunas contra la gripe en nuestra área.

Lamentamos cualquier inconveniente que esto pueda causar a nuestros estudiantes

 y sus familias, pero le recomendamos que planifique la salud de su hijo para la

próxima temporada de gripe.


Teri Schroeder, M. Ed., BSN, RN Directora del programa, Servicios Estudiantiles


Mrs.Diamond is going to shred all the flu shot forms that

Elliott Point Elementary has received.

Florida Report Card on School Grades

Please click on the link below to learn about Elliott Point Elementary

School's Grade for 2018-2019

English version

Spanish version

Important Message:

Elliott Point Families

Our number one priority is the safety of our  students.  Beginning

Monday, Aug. 19th, all students will be dropped off at the front

doors of the school upon arrival.  Parents and guardians will no

longer be  able to walk their student to breakfast or class.  This

decision is for the safety of our students.  If you have a need to 

enter the building for  a conference, pay lunch money, etc., you

will need to check in the office.  Please always bring your photo ID 

as it is required to check in. 

Thank you for understanding the need to be as sasfe as we can be

at Elliott Point!  This decision is supported by our Superintendent

and the School Board.


Kathy Ard, Principal


Volunteer Banner

Parents/Guardians:  After July 15, 2019, please go online

to and under the

volunteer tab fill out all the information so that when

school begins on August 12, 2019 you will be approved

to be a volunteer or chaperone.  It takes about a week

or two to get approved so please do not wait until the

last minute as you may not be allowed to go on the

field trip if it isn't approved.  If you require fingerprints,

it may take even longer so plan ahead and fill out this

form just in case you decide to be a volunteer or

chaperone at Elliott Point this upcoming school year. 

You must be approved each year! We will be having a

Volunteer/Chaperone/Mentor Orientation On September

17, 2019 from 5:45-6:15pm  and 6:15-6:45 pm during

open house. If you have any questions, please email

Mrs. Diamond at



Attention Parents/Guardians:

Regular school attendance is one of the most powerful

ways families can prepare their child for success. When

children are absent for an average of just two days of school

per month--even when the absences are excused--it can

have a negative impact. These absences can affect children

as early as Kindergarten. Please watch this video for more

information. attendance/



Stay Healthy - Read these tips!


Information in English

Information in Spanish


Key Facts

Prevent Norovirus

Clean-up Norovirus

Supply List 2019-2020

Specials Rotational Calendar·    

Check to see when your child has PE or Music.

Always wear tennis shoes to PE.


S.A.C. Meeting

in the Media Center

myschoolapps screenshot

Apply for Free or Reduced Lunches

Picture of checkmarkParent Survey

Please complete the Parent Survey for our school here!




Warning for Families

School Resource Officer Unit

Supply Lists

School Lunch Prices





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