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Dear Edge Families:

To be successful in school, students need to be on time for class in the morning and stay the entire day. Instruction begins at 8:20 and continues until we dismiss at 2:45. Too many students are arriving late and being checked out early, missing significant amounts of instructional time. We certainly understand the need for an occasional scheduled medical appointment; however, daily late arrivals and early checkouts are detrimental to your child’s academic success. If you have a daily obligation that interferes with Edge school hours, please make the necessary child care arrangements so your child can be present for the entire school day.

Dr. Dawson




Absence/ Early Dismissal/ Transportation Change Forms 

Florida Healthy Schools Newsletter


ScratchFact Information sheet on Head Lice



Parent Involvement Vital To Learning

A clear and positive relationship exists between parent involvement in their student’s education and the academic progress the student makes in school. The Okaloosa County School District is committed to an active and honest partnership with parents.

Here are just a few suggestions of the many ways you can be involved with your child’s education:

  • Contact your child's teacher early in the school year and maintain communication throughout the school year;
  • Participate in parent/teacher conferences;
  • Ask the teacher what your child is learning and how you can support this at home;
  • Talk with your child daily about homework, classroom activities, and events;
  • Learn about school policies and expectations so you can help your child understand them;
  • Make efforts to stay informed of school and classroom events;
  • Model behaviors and attitudes you expect from your child;
  • Encourage and nurture your child's creativity;
  • Be proactive in making the school aware of your support for your child's education;
  • Talk with your employer about flex time so you can participate in school activities;
  • Establish a daily family routine;
  • Monitor out of school activities;
  • Model the value of learning, self-discipline, and hard work;
  • Express high, but realistic expectations for achievement;
  • Encourage your child's development/progress in school;
  • Encourage reading, writing, and discussions among family members; and
  • Be positive when talking with your child about school related activities.

According to research compiled by the Parent Institute (parentinstitute.com), numerous studies conclude that students with involved parents are more likely to:

  • earn higher grades and test scores;
  • attend school regularly;
  • have better social skills and good behavior;
  • adapt well to school;
  • graduate and go on to further education.


The Parent Resources section on the Renaissance Learning website.

Renaissance Learning Parents Page



The Florida Department of Education has developed an online tool called Success Measures to help parents and families throughout the state learn about changes to our standards and assessments. Provide your student's grade level and courses, and learn more about the assessments which will pertain to them.

Public Safety alerts are now available from the Okaloosa County Sheriff's Office via the Nixle service. 

Nixle is an on-line service that allows the Sheriff's Office to communicate with citizens in situations involving significant public safety incidents ranging from a missing child or crime in progress to a traffic crash that shuts down an area road.
See information flyer here.



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