EDGE SAC Meeting Dates



2020-21 SAC Committee
Jason Torres
Lauren Daley
Joshua Morris
Community Members
Tom Gilbar
Pam Mcghee
Support Staff
Holly Troxell
Ann Gilbar
Dr. Samantha Dawson


The School Advisory Council (SAC) consists of faculty, staff, parents, students, and business partners from our community. This council serves our school by providing expertise in cooperation with the school to maximize its ability to educate our children with the latest available techniques and resources.

Our faculty and School Advisory Council are continuously seeking new and more productive ways of educating our students. Noticeable progress has been made in their endeavor to seek out ways to improve our school.

The purpose of this council is to make/approve suggestions for changes that will benefit the school and its students. Parents and staff suggestions are important to the school. Suggestions may be submitted to the committee members or at the school's front office.

The term "advisory" is intended to mean:

(1) inquiring,

(2) informing,

(3) suggesting,

(4) recommending, and

(5) evaluating.

Membership is comprised of an appropriately balanced number of teachers, education support employees, students, parents, and other business and community citizens who are representative of the ethnic, racial, and economic community served by the school