Sun Life Insurance

***Pricing has dropped significantly for employees 49 years of age and younger.  Don't miss out on this opportunity for added protection at minimal cost.***

About Sun Life

Sun Life will continue as the Okaloosa County School District's life insurance provider for 2017. If you elected life insurance coverage for calendar year 2016, you will automatically be enrolled in the same coverage for calendar year 2017. If you would like to enroll or make changes for 2017, you must go online to Board provides $25,000 basic term life insurance for all full-time employees. Employees have an option to purchase additional optional and dependent term life coverage. 

Life insurance provides your surviving family members with the funds to meet existing financial obligations such as unpaid medical bills, funeral expenses, the mortgage and other debts (credit cards, car loans, etc.).  As part of your Group Basic Life Insurance from Sun Life Financial, you are now eligible for two new services – Emergency Travel Assistance and Identity Theft Protection.. If you’re enrolled in Group Basic Life Insurance, you automatically have these services now, with no additional forms to fill out. Both services are provided by Assist America®. Click here for more information and your Assist America ID card. Print and remove the card so that you may carry it with you if you’re traveling.  

Emergency Travel Assistance

As an eligible participant in Sun Life’s life insurance, you and your immediate family are covered members for the Assist America services, including:

  • medical consultation, evaluation, and referral
  • hospital admission
  • critical care monitoring
  • prescription assistance
  • legal and interpreter referrals
  • emergency medical evacuation

* This is not medical insurance. No claims for reimbursement will be accepted. All services must be arranged and provided by Assist America. Spouse business travel excluded. Optional coverage for trips longer than 90 days.

Identity Theft Protection

Identity theft is a serious crime that affects millions of Americans each year. If you ever become a victim, you don’t have to face it alone. You now have a powerful Identity Theft Protection program that can help you restore your financial records, credit reports, and more. With one phone call, you’ll receive step-by-step guidance from an anti-fraud expert, who will be assigned to help you until the identity thief’s “fingerprints” are erased from your records. For extra protection, you also can register up to ten credit or debit cards for online surveillance to help stop identity theft before it happens.

Assist America’s Emergency Travel Assistance is not insurance and does not replace your health insurance. In order to get reimbursed for medical bills, please follow the procedures outlined in your health plan.

Optional Employee Life Insurance- Paid by Employee

All eligible employees are able to select up to five times their annual salary in life and matching AD&D insurance coverage, not to exceed $500,000. New hires are eligible to purchase the lesser of five times your annual salary or $150,000 on a guaranteed issue basis (no medical questions asked). Anything over this amount requires Evidence of Insurability (EOI). If you are currently eligible for additional life insurance, but not enrolled, or if you are currently enrolled in additional life and wish to increase your coverage level, the amount you are applying for is subject to medical evidence of insurability.

You may submit evidence of insurability with medical underwriting online at

If you have been turned down in the past for supplemental life insurance then you will not be eligible.