Stretching from the Alabama border in the north to the Gulf of Mexico in the south, Okaloosa County is comprised of 936 square miles located in the heart of the Florida panhandle. The county is home to three major military facilities: Eglin AFB, Duke Field, and Hurlburt Field. As such, the student population of the Okaloosa County School District is a diverse group representing many different ethnic and cultural groups.

The Okaloosa County School District (OCSD) serves approximately 30,000 students and operates thirty-nine neighborhood public schools and one digital learning school. Included in the school system are:

  • Nineteen elementary schools,
  • Eight middle schools,
  • Five high schools,
  • Two Gr. K-12 schools,
  • One Gr. K-8 school,
  • One Gr. 3-8 performing arts academy in cooperation with the Northwest Florida Ballet,
  • Two schools for significantly cognitively delayed students,
  • One digital learning school, and
  • One alternative education high school facility.

The variety of school configurations within our district is a direct result of the expanse of the geographical area within our district and our enrollment challenges.

In this district, a professional culture exists in which a high level of performance is expected of all OCSD students; therefore, all students engage in rigorous, standards-based curriculum that promotes critical thinking and application of learning across content areas with the ultimate purpose of inspiring a lifelong passion for learning.