Curriculum and Instruction 

Marcus Chambers 
Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum



The Mission Statement of the Curriculum and Instruction Department is to assist schools in reaching their long-range goals of high standards for student performance by providing quality resources and support.

In short, our mission is to advance knowledge of, and professional practice in, teaching and learning. This mission is carried out by the responsibilities of the department’s staff of individuals listed below. 

Primary areas of responsibility include Writing Instruction, Literacy (Across the Curriculum), Math & Science Initiatives, Instructional Technology, AP and IB (vertical alignment and Freshmen Transition), and services for Title I schools.      


Jeff Palmer - Director, Elementary Education
Shelia Lightbourne - Director, Secondary Education


Stephanie Thetford - Specialist, Mathematics  
Denise McLaughlin - Specialist, Professional Development
Ann Flanagan - Specialist, Reading  
Tami Ellis - Specialist, Science
Melissa Bowell - Specialist, Secondary    
Denise Riechel - Specialist, Elementary  
Amy Dale - Specialist, Title 1 and Title X

Florida Standards Team

Amy Dale - Elementary Math
Julie Ann Smith - Secondary ELA
Lisa Jones - Science


Amber Floyd - Administrative Secretary to Marcus Chambers
Phone: (850) 833-3191
Linda Pinkert - Administrative Secretary
Phone: (850) 833-4208

Curriculum and Instruction Office
202A North Highway 85
Niceville, Florida 32578
Fax: (850) 833-4237