Destin Middle School Band


Director: Patrick Carnahan



Destin Middle School Features 5 Different Ensembles 

Beginning Band: This is where you begin! This band is open to EVERYONE from 5th through 8th grade. We have a class for you and will pick out the perfect instrument fit for you! After you complete beginning band your options open to the other 4 ensembles. Come join us! No prior musical experience is required.

Concert Band: The concert band is comprised of mostly second year band students. We do a review of first year basics in the beginning of the first semester then dive into concert literature for our fall and spring concerts. By the end of the year, Concert Band students will be prepared for their audition into the Symphonic Band. Concert Band members participate in the Marlin Marching Band and are also invited to join our DMS Jazz Band and participate in Solo and Ensemble Festivals .

Symphonic Band: This is the top performing group at Destin Middle School. They participate every year in a Music Performance Assessment that is closely judged by a panel of expert musicians and directors. You will also see Symphonic Band members in the Marlin Marching Band, DMS Jazz Band, auditions for All County and All State Bands, and participating in Solo and Ensemble Festivals.

DMS Jazz Band: This is a band made up strictly of volunteer musicians who choose to better themselves musically and educationally every Tuesday morning before school. You will see them perform at our school concerts as well as occasional local gigs such as "Jazz in the Park"

Marlin Marching Band: Our marching band features the musicians of the DMS Concert and Symphonic Bands. We highlight our halftime with current music you hear from your radios as well as light up the stands with traditional cheers as we root for our Marlin Football Team.

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