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*Please complete at least 1 new assessment, with each transition-age student, each year.*

  • Online Student-Directed Assessments - 1-2-3 Test, Career Aptitude Test: This free career aptitude test can provide insight into a person’s job personality. Based on a characterization of the individual’s personality in terms of Holland Code personality types, he/she will learn what kind of work environments and occupations would be best. The results of this career test provide individuals with a list of professions and occupations that fit their career personality.
  • Career Index Plus - An interactive career assessment tool, which also includes information helpful in finding career interests and employment. Free registration is required.
  • Casey Life Skills (CLS) Assessment (Youth)  /  Casey Life Skills (CLS) Assessment (Provider) - Helps identify personal, functional, independent living and employment skills to achieve long-term goals for students ages 14-21. CLS requires free account registration and a mentor/case manager to assist the student.
  • Goodwill Community Foundation’s Assessment and Lesson Planner - Assessments and lessons to plan a career, apply for jobs, balance work life and get the training needed for today’s marketplace.
  • MyCareerShines - An online planning tool is a comprehensive career planning system. With MyCareerShines, students are able to explore careers, identify personal preferences for future employment and learn about the educational requirements for specific professions.
  • MyNextMove - An interactive profiler that helps students find out what their interests are and how they relate to the world of work.
  • Roadtrip Nation - Free career exploration tool. Includes basic career interest inventory and suggested fields, and real-life stories of people in those fields. A more comprehensive version is available for a fee.

Teacher-Led/Printable Assessments

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