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Davidson Middle School will equip students for a lifetime of learning. 


Davidson Middle School is committed to providing a safe, inviting, and challenging environment in which students can acquire the cognitive, physical, social, and creative skills they need to achieve academic and personal goals. 


  • Every student regardless of ethnicity, gender, economic status or disability is expected to reach his or her academic potential. 
  • Students and staff are held to high, measurable standards of performance and conduct. 
  • Students are provided a positive and safe learning environment.
  • Students' needs drive resource decisions. 
  • Education is the shared responsibility of the entire community of stakeholders. 
  • Curriculum and instruction are research-based. 
  • Differentiated instruction is based on analysis and application of student achievement data. 
  • Comprehensive professional development is imperative for quality instruction and improved student performance.
  • Grades are an accurate reflection of a student's academic progress and skill application as defined by the Florida Standards and/or course content.



The bus schedules for North County schools (schools within the cities of Crestview, Baker, and Laurel Hill) can now be found by clicking on Infolocator. Eligible school zone, bus number, nearest bus stops, distance to stops, and times are all provided within Infolocator.

Infolocator is best viewed on a PC or tablet. Questions should be directed to the Crestview Transportation Office at 850.689.7301.

Please note: In some instances, Crestview High School or Davidson Middle School will show "No Transportation Found" for one or the other in the AM and PM. However, almost all Crestview High School buses north of Highway 90 share stops with Davidson Middle School and vice versa. Simply look at the run data and if it says, "AM xxxx DMS and CHS" then that is the current nearest stop for students attending either CHS or DMS.


For more information, please visit the district website here.


A School Resource Officer is a sworn Deputy employed with the Sheriff’s Office. We are assigned full-time to a school campus to work with the school’s principal and staff with a primary focus on safety and the prevention of juvenile delinquency. This is accomplished by promoting positive relations between youth and law enforcement.

The SRO pursues this through a 3-pronged concept:

  1. Law enforcement on campus
  2. Teacher / Educator
  3. Counselor / Advisor

These 3 components allow the SRO to take a proactive approach to law enforcement, in lieu of a reactive posture. The SRO is the “COP” on campus who handles a variety of issues concerning the campus/staff/students and parents.

I enjoy being in a school environment and helping our young students become familiar with having a law enforcement officer on campus who works with them and for them when needed. Ultimately my purpose is the safety of our campus. This helps promote a positive learning environment.

Please do not hesitate to call me or come by my office located in the main administration area if I can be of any service to you or your children.
Randall Joiner


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Holly Tew, Principal
David Carnley, Asst. Principal
Laura King, Asst. Principal

Davidson Middle School
6261 Old Bethel Rd.
Crestview, FL 32536

Phone: 850-683-7500
Fax: 850-683-7523

School Hours: 7:00 AM - 1:40 PM
Staff Hours: 6:45 AM - 2:15 PM

Students arriving at school
before 6:45 AM should
report to the cafeteria.

Mondays and Wednesdays
Media Center 
1:45 PM - 2:30 PM
Students that attend must
bring work to complete.


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