Digital Information Technology Class


This is the class page for Introduction to IT. The class meets at  7:00-8:00, 9:05-10:00 and 11:45-12:40 daily.  This is a yearlong course for high school credit. The objectives for this class are as follows:

 MS Word 2016
 MS PowerPoint 2016
 MS Excel 2016

Microsoft Office Specialist Certification

Students are expected to pass certification at the end of each section. Ms Word and PowerPoint are offered in the first semester and MS Excel is covered extensively in the second semester. Students must complete online work which includes training, quizzes, projects and exams before they sit for the certification test. While the class is set up as an online class, there are plenty of in class activities and instruction to reinforce what they are learning. Students must pass the practice exam with a 750 of higher to sit for the exam.

The exam has a scoring parameter of 700-1000. Students must make a 700 on the certification exam in order to receive a certificate. Scoring 1000 is a perfect score. Since the exam cost is covered by the school district, only those with the practice exam scores of 750 or higher will sit for the exam.

Students passing the exam are given an in class certificate and recognized at the end of the year at the honor awards day program with an official certificate.

The website students use for this class in online at: Click here -->Gmetrix this site has to be downloaded on your computer(some add-ons may not work)

They also use SAM as a practice site as well. The students have usernames and passwords to both sites. The SAM site is: Click here --->SAM

I do not give extra credit, please do not ask! 

Remind code: Please sign up for remind by texting 81010 and in the message body put in @68777f

Class join code for Google classroom is:  1st period-mdwu7z, 3rd Period-tuoywdp, 5th period vu0330

Google classroom from home can be reached two ways:  or and then entering:  then put in their password


Weekly Lessons

August 12-August 16

Monday-Intro to Classroom/Desk Assignments/Getting to know you

Tuesday-Set up google classroom/procedures/typing/folder creation

Wednesday-Procedures/typing/folder creation

Thursday-Procedures/bell ringers/typing

Friday-Intro to MS Word


August 19-August 23

Monday-Brightly water letter and Strome Envelope project

Tuesday-Completion of projects

Wednesday- Module 2 Formatting documents

Thursday-Formatting continued

Friday-Completion of Module 2-Review Assignment


August 26-30

Monday-Commerical LEED, Modern Architecture, Handout 

Tuesday-Complete Review Assignment/Technology Review Paper

Wednesday-Technology Research Paper continued

Thursday-5th Period-Module 3, 1st and 3rd Complete and turn in paper

Friday-Module 3 Tables and Multipage Reports-New Classes Report classwork


Sept 2-Sept. 6

Monday-Holiday-No School

Tuesday-Completion of New Classes and Review Assignment

Wednesday-Friday-Computer Classes Report and Acceptance Letter, Gmetrix codes given


Sept 9-Sept 13

Monday-Spiral Review of Tables and line spacing

Tuesday-Complete review and turn in

Wednesday-Module 4 Enhancing pages and Layout Design

Thursday-Module 4 continued-class work Aria Occupational Therapy

Friday-Complete Module 4

Sept 16-Sept 20

Monday-Lesson 4 completed on Layout and page design - Aria Newsletter

Tuesday-Healthy Habits for teens spiral review and Singleton Library assignment

Wednesday-Gmetrix skills review 2 completed/SAM assignments

Thursday-Gmetrix review as a class/SAM

Friday-Gmetrix Skills review 3

Sept 23-Sept 27

Monday- Business Letter and Fax Cover Sheet assignment

Tuesday-Turn in all work/Gmetrix when completed

Wednesday-Gmetrix skills review 2 /Chapters 1-4

Thursday-Module 5 introduced....Themes, Templates and Styles- Dakota Report file

Friday-Module 5 continued


Weekly updates will be on here from now on.....

Oct. 28- Nov 1st

Monday- SAM completion training, Project 1 and Project 2

Tuesday- School wide writing- 5th period only-made veteran flyers/Gmetrix

Wednesday-Gmetrix practice exam(quiz grade)

Thursday-Intro to Module 8 Customiaing and Automating your work

Friday-Module 8 continued

Nov 3- Nov 8


Module 8 classwork on Customizing and Automating your work

Thursday-Veteran's day program-No class part of third period-Module 8 training and projects 1 and 2 assigned

Friday-Module 8 Training due end of class.

Nov 11-15

Monday-holiday no school

Tues-Project 1 due from Module 8

Wednesday-Project 2 due from Module 8/Gmetrix

Thursday-Module 9 on forms introduced

Friday-Module 9 classwork continued

Nov 18-22


Module 9-Forms classwork

Nov 25-29

Thanksgiving Break- No School!

Dec 2-6

Monday- Module 9 Project 1 completed- Cert tests given

Tuesday-Thurs  Module 10

Friday-Certifcation Prep

Dec 9-13

Gmetrix daily-Project 1 Testing mode and Cert practice exams

Pre-cert testing

Dec 16-19

End of semester exams

Certification Exams in MS Word

Dec 20-Jan 3

Christmas Break!!!!

January 6

Teacher Work Day!

Jan 7-10

Excel Mini Projects for Practice

Tues- Excel Calendar

Wed- Text Messaging Excel sheet

Thurs-Top Grossing Movies Excel Sheet

Friday-Budget Excel Sheet

Jan 13-17

Module 1 Basic Excel-intro to formulas

Excel Module 1 Training

Excel Project 1

Jan 20

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday 

Jan 21-24

Module 2 Creating Sales Reports

Review Assignment for practice

Excel Module 2 Training- NGLSync

Excel Module 2 Project 1- NGLSync

Jan 27-31


Gmetrix Skills Review 1

Module 3 on Formulas-Wingait farms assignment

Soybean Review Assignment

February 3-7

Soybean assignment due Monday end of class

Training Module 3 NGLSync

Project One due by Wednesday 2-5-20

Feb 10-14


Excel Module 4-Analyzing and Charting Financial Data


Project 2 in Module 3 of NGL Sync


Gmetrix and Worksheet on Charts 


Jay Sanders, Principal
Greg Brock, Asst. Principal
Laurren Seegars, Asst. Principal

Davidson Middle School
6261 Old Bethel Rd.
Crestview, FL 32536


School Hours:
Staff Hours:


Students arriving at school before 
6:45 should report to the cafeteria.

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Students arriving at school before 
6:40 should report to the cafeteria.