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To retrieve all notes for classes, here are three different ways to get there. Students have their usernames and passwords.                            

To download Office 365 online have your student login to classlink(website above this message). On the classlink site they are to select the Office 365 app. Once selected it will tell them to select their account. They may have to sign in again but it should then take them to Office 365 and the apps for Word, PPT, Excel and all the others will appear. Above the apps will be a button that says Install Office on the right, click on it and it will download to the computer you are working on. After they are installed they are yours to use for a year. 

To sign in with their username and password and they are not on the OCSD network they must use  then put in their password

Codes to join the google classes are listed on each class page on this website.


School Schedule   

DMS Bell Schedule 2021-2022
1st period Foundations of Web 7:00-8:00
2nd Period Fund of Web and Software Design 8:05-9:00
3rd Period Coding Fundamentals 9:05-10:00
4th Period Coding Fundamentals 10:05-11:00
5th Period Coding Fundamentals 11:35-12:40

Lunch A(my lunch)

Lunch B

Lunch C




6th Period Coding Funamentals 12:45-1:40



Students will report to the cafeteria immediately when entering the building. Report to classes at 6:50.

7:00am School Start Time


Welcome to Mrs. Toney's Coding, Programming and Web Design Classes!


These classes will seek to challenge you in the field of technology and to expand on the knowledge you already possess in the area. Information and communication technology class will explore the internet and key applications that will be needed to succeed in the digital world.  Web Design will challenge students to be creative and explore the more technical side of their education and the programming classes will challenge students to learn javscript to create web pages through programming. 

These classes will be fun and challenging at the same time. The rigor students are expected to perform is high and I will challenge them everyday to make sure they are meeting and exceeding expectations.

I do not give extra credit, please do not ask!

I look forward to seeing and educating you this year!

This site will serve as an information site into what occurs in class on a monthly basis. Because we cover topics for weeks at a time, a weekly update is only necessary for exams, quizzes and projects that are due. I send out information on If you have not signed up for this program it will be listed on the individual class pages for your convenience.

My class schedule is as follows and will be repeated again on the class pages:


My office hours are by appointment only. Mondays I am in class after school from 140-1:55 pm as I have basketball practice at 2. Zoom meetings can be arranged between 1:40-2:00 pm if scheduled 24 hours ahead of time. Please contact guidance to schedule.

There is no availability on Tuesdays as those are our meeting days.


REMIND Codes by classes: Text 81010 and in the body of the message put in the corresponding code:


Websites for additional practice on Web Design and coding



Websites for working at home on projects and to study for exams:Click on one of the names below!






Contact information is as follows: Phone: 850-683-7500 x22701

Click on the link for my email address: Email

This is the best form of communication for me.




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Holly Tew, Principal
David Carnley, Asst. Principal
Laura King, Asst. Principal

Davidson Middle School
6261 Old Bethel Rd.
Crestview, FL 32536

Phone: 850-683-7500
Fax: 850-683-7523

School Hours: 7:00 AM - 1:40 PM
Staff Hours: 6:45 AM - 2:15 PM

Students arriving at school
before 6:45 AM should
report to the cafeteria.

Mondays and Wednesdays
Media Center 
1:45 PM - 2:30 PM
Students that attend must
bring work to complete.




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