OCSD MIS Forms Repository

To access the MIS files in the MIS Forms Repository, click the button below.  Please note: you must be logged into the OCSD network.

Green button with link to the MIS Files Access


Below is a quick tutorial on how to use the OCSD MIS Forms Repository:

1) Click on MIS Files button above or type in forms.okaloosaschools.net.

Screen shot of Step 1 in accessing the MIS Files

2) Click refresh to view just search menu.

Screen shot of Step 2 in accessing the M-files

3) Search by clicking on the Department name.

Screen shot of Step 3 in accessing the M-files

4) Search by entering any portion of the text in the Search box.

Screen shot of Step 4 in accessing the M-files

5) Search by typing in the form number.

Screen shot of Step 5 in accessing the M-files