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Starting with the 2016-2017 school year, Choice High School will offer a new FAST TRACK drop-out prevention academic format.  The goal for the Fast Track program is to enable students to catch up on their academic credits while offering them the option for a career/technical course and the ability to re-enter their zoned high school with their peers.  The Fast Track academic program will offer individualized career and academic counseling, through the use of our certified Math, Science, English, and Social Studies teachers.  These instructors will teach students solely on their Fast Track Edgenuity courses.  In addition, a certified Reading teacher will help students with reading and comprehension skills. Teachers will review progress, strengths, and areas of concern in order to customize tutoring sessions for individuals or groups.  In the Fast Track program, parents will be an integral part of the student’s goals and progress.  Parents will be asked to participate in conferencing via phone or in person, to ensure the greatest success for his/her child.  In this regard, before entering our school, students and parents will sign a student performance contract in which a student will be expected to maintain a certain progress on their Edgenuity courses.   


Our campus continues to offer career certifications in our industry courses as well.  Students from Choctawhatchee, Fort Walton Beach, and Niceville High School's are encouraged to attend Okaloosa Technical College for a block of industry classes.  These courses will count as elective academic credits and students will have the potential to earn industry certifications as well.  Bus transportation is provided to and from the students' home high school.  Students can enroll for these courses by contacting the Counselor at Okaloosa Technical College or the Counselor at their zoned high school.   


Jerry Sansom, Director/ Principal 

Kelly Hayes, Assistant Director/ Assistant Principal





This facility is accredited by the commission of the Council of Occupational Education.

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