Culinary Arts

High School and Adult Students

If you have a passion for food and yearn to thrive in an environment where you can showcase your culinary talents, the Culinary Arts Institute is the place for you. Explore the culinary profession and exciting career options in the food service industry.

Students enrolled in the Culinary Arts Program receive specialized training in one of today’s most sought after career fields.

While enrolled in Culinary Arts, students are awarded the opportunity to earn a ProStart certification, Certified Professional Food Manager, as well as scholarship opportunities through Johnson & Wales and the Culinary Institute of America.

Exciting Career Fields

  •  Sous Chef   
  •  Executive Chef
  •  Pastry Chef
  •  Food Stylist
  •  Restaurant Management


Most high school students will have the ability to earn the Florida Gold Seal Vocational Scholars Award which is part of the Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Program. Gold Seal may pay up to 75% of tuition and fees to Florida colleges and universities. For more information about how to qualify, students should see their guidance counselor or visit the state scholarship link at

Industry Certification

Industry certifications are nationally recognized credentials that document your skills to employers. Earning an Industry Certification can provide students with employment opportunities upon graduation that may not be available to other students.




Articulation is earning college credit because of enrollment in a high school program. For more articulation information visit the Articulation Agreements link at

Culinary Arts Instructor


Johnson & Wales University Visit:

Left to Right:  Deanna Edwards; Ryan Barker; Ms. Deborah Summers-Walsh; Chef Pannelli


On Tuesday, March 11, CHOICE High School's Culinary Arts Academy had a visit from its educational partner, Johnson & Wales University.  The Admission Representative, Deborah Summers-Walsh made a personal stop to award two scholarships to students in Chef Pannelli's class.  Deanna Edwards and Ryan Barker have earned top honors with their high-level scholarship for four years of education at their accredited university including an opportunity to study abroad for an international flair in cooking.  Deanna Edwards is a student at Niceville High School part of the day and in the Culinary Academy during the afternoon.  Ryan Barker also spends part of his day at Niceville High School and attends the Culinary Academy at CHOICE High School in the afternoon.  Congratularions to both of these students on their achievement!