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Choice High School offers the Fast Track drop-out prevention program for Okaloosa County School District.  Choice High School is part of Okaloosa Public Schools and is not an alternative high school, however our school is unique in that it solely offers computer-based academics, with the goal of getting students caught up in credits with their graduating cohort.  Once students are caught up with their cohort, they transfer back to their zoned high school.  Therefore, admission into the Fast Track program at Choice High School is done by recommendation from a student's zoned high school. 

All students should first meet with the Counselor at their zoned high school if they feel they are a candidate for the Fast Track drop-out prevention program.  The Counselor at the zoned school may recommend a student because he/she is behind in credits due to frequent moves, truancy, academic struggles, or another concern. 



If you are looking for admission information for Okaloosa Technical College please visit www.otcollege.net