Ms. Elizabeth Smith


I teach AP World History, World History, and American Government classes.  I am also the sponsor of the Choctaw Sailing Team.  

For a description of the Advanced Placement European History course, please visit AP Central's home page for AP European History.

For a description of the World History and American Government courses, please visit the C-Palms page where you can access the course description and the standards. 

All students will be asked to join their class on Edmodo.   More specific information about projects, due dates, and quiz / exam dates is available on Edmodo.  Edmodo is available as a free app on many mobile devices.  Students have been given an access code to join the class on Edmodo.  Once logged in, students will be able to see a parent code to allow parents to access this valuable resource.  


Please feel free to e-mail me at .  This is the most efficient way to contact me during the school day.   Remember everything sent via e-mail is public record.  

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