WELCOME TO African American history 

Ms. SANDRA gainey 



CURRICULUM: This course covers the chronological development of African Americans by examining the political, economic, social, religious, military, and cultural events that affected the cultural group.  Content will include, but is not limited to West African heritage, the Middle Passage and Triangular Trade, the African Diaspora, significant turning points and trends in the development of African-American culture and institutions, enslavement and emancipation, the Abolition, Black Nationalist, and Civil Rights movements, major historical figures and events in African-African history, and contemporary African-American affairs.  


Due to the curriculum and content of this course, aspects of new, non-traditional, or unfamiliar cultural practices and norms will be presented to students as a part of the class. The purpose of allowing students to observe various types of behaviors, clothing, and values is to offer a global perspective on many cultures, so that they may gain an appreciation and understanding for the influence of culture on beliefs and actions of specific groups of people.   


Students will be regularly assessed (tested) on material learned using these standards.  This course has a semester, teacher-generated exam.    


Students will complete assignments on a daily basis.  Class work automatically becomes homework if not completed by the end of the period.  All work is due the following day. (Exceptions are absent students, ESE, ELL, or 504 students with extended time).  


GRADING POLICY: My policy is that 50% of the grade will be based on tests, 30% on quizzes, and 20% on classwork/homework.  Students who have an excused absence from school will have 5 school days to make up their work. A “Z” or zero will be placed in the grade book for missing work and will remain until the absence is excused and the work is made up. It is the responsibility of the student to get any missed work due to an absence, complete it, and turn it in for a grade.    


PHONE833-3614. If I am teaching, your call will be forwarded to my voicemail.  Just leave a message.  I will return your call during my planning period or at the end of the day. 


EMAIL: Choctaw’s web page will give you a link where you will be able to send me an email message.  I will respond during my planning period or at the end of the day. My email address is 


CONFERENCE: All parent/teacher conferences are scheduled through the Guidance  

office at 833-3614. 





DISCIPLINE:The students will be receiving and reviewing the school district’s Code of Conduct and Choctaw High School’s Discipline Action plan (in the agenda/planner book).  In addition, my class will review specific Class Rules and Procedures. My plan, based on the infractions are as follows: 

1)Verbal warning 

2)Private consult. 

3)Parent contacted 

4)Office referral 


SUPPLIESStudents will need a folder/binder or notebook, paper, and pencils.     


HOMEWORK HELP: Students who may be experiencing difficulty understanding the subject matter (classwork, homework, or studying for a quiz/test) may request help by simply asking.  Tutoring is Tuesdays through Thursdays from 2:00-3:00. Students should consult with their parent/guardian regarding the day they choose to stay after school for assistance. 


EXTRA CREDIT: There will be many opportunities for extra credit each quarter.  Students will be informed of each opportunity. 



A—attendance matters.  If You’re not IN SCHOOL, you're NOT learning. 

B—Behavior matters.  If you are misbehaving (and get sent out of class), you’re not learning.