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English 1 - Course Syllabus

English 1 Honors - Course Syllabus

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The hours listed above are a little misleading. I am on campus until after 2:00, however my 7th period class begins at 1:05 at the baseball clubhouse so I am not in my classroom. However, if students need any specific additional help or need to make something up, students need to speak with me about the issue and I am more than happy to move some things around or stay later to help.


Third 9 Weeks

In the 3rd Nine Weeks, both English 1 Honors and Honors students will be spending a lot of time preparing for the FSA Reading and Writing Tests. Students will be spending a lot of time reading various forms of literature including: short stories, informational articles and texts, excerpts from speeches, and poetry. We will be focusing on identifying author's purpose, key ideas and details, craft and structure, and the integration of knowledge (being able to synthesize multiple texts/sources). In addition, students will be doing a lot of writing (analysis, characterizations, short response, essays, and poetry).

English Honors students will begin reading To Kill a Mockingbird by the end of January

HONOR STUDENTS REMINDER: All Honor students should have their own copy of the book. Much of the reading is completed at home and failure to stay caught up on the reading will create many difficulties on quizzes, discussions, and homework.

HONOR STUDENTS: Should have their own copy of To Kill a Mockingbird by January 27th.

ALL STUDENTS REMINDER: It is important that all students stay up to date with coursework and keep track of due dates (planner, phone alarms, etc...)